Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food

COMMENT: In addition to this act, keep in mind the designed “Anti-Hoarding Act” making it illegal to store more than 30 days food. Its all part of the plan for Food genocide and the one World order by first subjugation of the United States into the North American Union by any means possible.

Reporter Judged: S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money.

“If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” ~ Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower.

It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food.

Monsanto says it has no interest in the bill and would not benefit from it, but Monsanto’s Michael Taylor who gave us rBGH and unregulated genetically modified (GM) organisms, appears to have designed it and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create — without judicial review — if it passes. S 510 would give Monsanto unlimited power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming.


In the 1990s, Bill Clinton introduced HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points) purportedly to deal with contamination in the meat industry. Clinton’s HACCP delighted the offending corporate (World Trade Organization “WTO”) meat packers since it allowed them to inspect themselves, eliminated thousands of local food processors (with no history of contamination), and centralized meat into their control. Monsanto promoted HACCP.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton, urged a powerful centralized food safety agency as part of her campaign for president. Her advisor was Mark Penn, CEO of Burson Marsteller*, a giant PR firm representing Monsanto. Clinton lost, but Clinton friends such as Rosa DeLauro, whose husband’s firm lists Monsanto as a progressive client and globalization as an area of expertise, introduced early versions of S 510.

S 510 fails on moral, social, economic, political, constitutional, and human survival grounds.

Monsanto Soybean Claims Probed by West Virginia (Updated Version 2)

Syngenta-Monsanto Sunflower Deal to Be Probed by EU (Update Version 3)

Korean Importers Said to Buy 165,000 Tons Corn in Private Deal European Index Futures Gain; Euro Stoxx 50 Contract Rises 0.8% Corn Falls Fifth Day on Favorable Weather; Soybeans Unchanged S. Korea’s Nonghyup Feed Said to Buy 55,000 Tons of U.S. Corn Story Tools

June 25 (Bloomberg) — Monsanto Co., the world’s biggest seed company, is being investigated by West Virginia over possibly misleading growers who were promised improved yields from its new Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean seeds.

“My office is concerned that West Virginia farmers are paying much higher prices for soybeans with the Roundup Ready 2 trait when the yields do not live up to the claims and do not justify the increased prices,” West Virginia Attorney General Darrell V. McGraw wrote in a letter dated June 24 and posted on his website.

Monsanto last year began shifting growers to the new seeds by promising a 7 percent to 11 percent bigger harvest compared with the original Roundup Ready soybean seeds, which lose patent protection in 2014. Iowa State University, Pennsylvania State University, a farmer group and investment researcher OTR Global found the latest seeds failed to boost yields as promised, McGraw said in the letter.

The St. Louis-based company may have engaged in unfair or deceptive acts under West Virginia law and be subject to penalties, McGraw wrote. He invited the company to meet before the state possibly begins litigation.

Monsanto has data demonstrating the improved performance, it said in an e-mailed statement. Roundup Ready 2 soybeans increase yields on average by 3.6 bushels, more than 7 percent, according to 40,000 comparisons the company conducted between 2007 and 2009, it said.

Purchase Decisions

The attorney general’s letter “is based on a misunderstanding of our national marketing materials,” Monsanto said. “Growers measure the performance of these products on their farm and make their purchase decisions based on what’s right for them.”

Monsanto fell 74 cents, or 1.5 percent, to $48.27 as of 4:15 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The shares fell 41 percent this year.

Roundup Ready 2 soybeans were planted on 1.5 million acres last year and cost growers $74 an acre, 42 percent more than the older product. West Virginia growers bought enough of the new seeds to plant fewer than 50 acres in 2009, Monsanto spokesman Lee Quarles said. Sales this year aren’t yet available, he said.

West Virginia grew about 18,000 acres of the nation’s 77.5 million acres of soybeans last year, making it the smallest soybean-growing state tracked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

–Editors: Simon Casey,

FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of people to choose natural healing and alternative medicine and nutrition. Ratified by the World Health Organization, and going into Law in the United States in 2009, the threat to health freedom has never been greater. This is the first part of a series of talks by Dr. Rima Laibow MD, available on DVD from the Natural Solutions Foundation, an non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about how to stop Codex Alimentarius from taking away our right to freely choose nutritional health.

Remember the name I.G. Farben Chemical Cartel. Let’s connect some dots.

1928 – What benefits did I.G. Farben have to give the Nazi Party? Just to name a few, besides a laundry list of other war supplies, Zyklon B, the gas used by Auschwitz, Bitterfeld, Agfa, lduwigshafen, Buchenwald, Hoechst and a few others. These boys also produced Chlorine gas used during WWI. Remember Henry Ford. I found out that he merged his German assets with those of Farben.

Quote: “Without the capital supplied by Wall Street, there would have been no I.G. Farben in the first place, and almost certainly no Adolf Hitler and WWII.” (Historian Anthony Sutton; “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”, 76 Press, Seal Beach, Ca. 1976; page 33).

NOTE: So, in short, the major source of Hitler’s financial power came from the chemical Cartel called I.G. Farben. The most interesting part of this little bit of trivia is that I.G. Farben had a little known source of its financial power: our very own, Wall Street. (Prescott Bush, DuPonts, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Warburg, Krupp, IBM, etc)

1928 – The House hearings on the Stabilization of the Purchasing Power of the Dollar, revealed that the Federal Reserve Board had met with the heads of various European central banks at a secret luncheon in 1927 to plan what they believed may be a major crash.

Anyone who loves to shop at Kroger, Always knows about the Krogerfeedback survey program and entering the customer feedback using the Survey Entry ID, and sharing the customer experience by answering the questions related to their shopping. Kroger stores listen to customer satisfaction and accept their valuable feedback on their product quality and service.

Anyone who loves to shop at Kroger, Always knows about the Krogerfeedback survey program and entering the customer feedback using the Survey Entry ID, and sharing the customer experience by answering the questions related to their shopping. Kroger stores listen to customer satisfaction and accept their valuable feedback on their product quality and service.

10 Steps to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Troubleshoot Internet: It is right that you are having an issue with your Internet connection or Wi-Fi? Whatever the issue — from a flaky connection with Wi-Fi inconveniences or even no access to the Internet at all — some router troubleshooting could settle things.

Some of this additionally applies to your modem, although numerous Internet service providers are passing out joined router-modem units nowadays. Your wireless router and modem may really be a similar gadget.

Jeanette Ferry who manages Router101 had also shared several guides about router setup, router default IP address, and several other router configurations. One of the main important things with router setup is how to secure the router and wifi connection. This post clearly meant to secure the wifi connection with several steps and this article is contributed by Jeanette.

How to Troubleshoot your WiFi router:

If your WiFi router is not functioning properly like it used to, then you might need to troubleshoot your Wifi router, so here is the complete guide to troubleshooting your Wifi router:

Troubleshooting network issues: Reboot the Router

Have you had a go at rebooting it? Yes, at the end of the day, the simple reboot is the answer for some system issues. Regardless of whether sites are neglecting to load, everything system related appears to be low, connections are dropping, or your wireless is turning up missing, you may simply need to take a stab at rebooting your router.

This shouldn’t be vital, yet numerous routers appear to require a periodic reboot to continue functioning admirably. The reboot procedure is basic on most routers — unplug your router’s power cable, hold up a few moments, and after that connect it back in.

In the event that you have a separate modem, you may likewise need to take a stab at unplugging your modem’s power cable and connecting it back following a few moments. A few gadgets may have a power switch, yet the unplug-and-connect back-in technique applies to all routers.

On the off chance that you need to frequently reboot your router, the maker’s firmware may simply be insecure and Surrey. Installing an option firmware like DD-WRT may offer assistance.

Network troubleshooter windows 10: Check for Overheating

Like some other electronic gadgets, routers can fall prey to overheating. This overheating can harm the router after some time or simply make it unstable. Check your router’s temperature to perceive how hot it is. On the off chance that it appears to be extremely hot, just make sure that it’s getting enough airflow.

On the off chance that the vents are blocked, or you have the router in a hot area — like on top of a tower PC that warms up — overheating could bring about instability. It’s likewise conceivable that past overheating may have harmed the router.

Internet connectivity issues: Check Cables Are Securely Connected

This may seem like an easy decision, yet we infrequently neglect to check the clearest arrangement before proceeding onward to more muddled ones. Somebody may have unintentionally pulled on or kicked a cable, making it unplug or turn out to be loose. You ought to check the majority of the cables involved and make sure that they’re safely connected.

Also be sure to check the power cables to your router and modem, the cable between your router and modem, the cable between the modem and the divider attachment, and every Ethernet cable connected to the back of the router. Check each end of the cable and guarantee it’s safely connected — it could look connected yet be somewhat free.

Wifi router problems: Reposition the Router

In case you’re experiencing difficulty with your Wi-Fi signal, you’ll need to take a stab at repositioning the router. Make sure that nothing is hindering the wireless signal, especially big metal articles or gadgets that can interfere, similar to microwaves and a few sorts of cordless telephones.

WiFi Trouble

You ought to likewise make sure that the router’s antenna is situated vertically instead of horizontally — a vertical antenna will give you the biggest coverage region.

Wireless connection not working then Change the Wireless Channel

In case you’re in an area with a ton of wireless routers close-by, similar to an apartment building, there’s a decent shot your router is liable to obstruction from different wireless routers sending signals on a similar wireless frequency. Deciding the ideal wireless channel for your range and changing your router to work on that wireless channel rather than a more congested one can diminish this impedance, enhancing your wireless signal.

On the off chance that you have an Android gadget, the Wi-Fi Analyser application can help you dissect your region and locate the ideal channel. You can then change the wireless channel on your router.

Diagnose internet connection then Reset Your Router to Factory Default Settings

You might need to have a go at resetting your router to its factory default settings if there is by all accounts a serious issue with its configuration. This shouldn’t be essential in most cases. However, it’s justified regardless of an attempt in case you’re confounded.

It’s conceivable that you’ve changed certain settings on your router that you shouldn’t have, and it might be simpler to return to a fresh start as opposed to changing the individual options back.

Remember that you’ll need to reconfigure your router after this, including setting up your wireless network name and password once more ie., password. You’ll likely need to long-press a Reset pinhole button on the back of the router to reset its settings, yet the correct subtle elements will differ from router to router. This is a similar procedure you have to perform to reset your router’s password.

Troubleshooting wireless internet : Update Router Firmware

In the event that changing channels and cycling your network doesn’t help, check the manufacturer’s site for your router and check whether a firmware update is available. Most Internet clients do not understand the router can be updated and these updates can really have an incredible effect on performance, particularly on older router models.

The refresh procedure differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, yet there ought to be a place in the router settings that let you upgrade it. It will either check for an automatic update by itself or let you physically pick a file to begin the update. Take after the directions for your specific router model.

Once completed, cycle your home network, and check whether it has any kind of effect as a result of the process.

Troubleshooting network connectivity – Dead Spots

In the event that your router doesn’t support 802.11n, which is viewed as the most current in WiFi innovation, odds are your router is excessively old, making it impossible to keep working appropriately. On the off chance that you see dead spots in your home or office, it might be a piece of the “n” technology of your router. The “N” technology alludes to MIMO, or Multiple Input Multiple Output, this implies regular signals in your home or office are bounced off walls before they reach their destination.

Dead spots happen when a signal has achieved its greatest measure of bounces, and the signal drops off. There isn’t much you can do to battle dead spots, other than moving your router or run with a router not utilizing “N” technology.

Troubleshooting Internet : Other Possible Problems

Likewise, with any troubleshooting procedure, there’s a basically perpetual measure of things that could turn out badly. Your router or modem might be broken. The Ethernet cables you use might be harmed and need substitution. On the off chance that just a single gadget you claim is having issues with its system connection, it might have a product issue, and you may need to experience and troubleshooting procedure on a particular gadget — or perhaps simply reboot it, in case you’re fortunate.

Router wifi not working check network connection troubleshooting

In the event that your router appears to be temperamental regardless of what you do or needs frequent resets, consider replacing it with a new one. New routers are genuinely cheap and managing a shaky router can be an immense headache for you.

Final words for fix internet

So, this was all about troubleshooting your wifi router yourself at home. It might happen that your router may not function perfectly even after applying the tricks mentioned above. In that case, you can attempt to troubleshoot it once more, until it starts working fine. Else, you might need to replace your router.

How to Make a Candle Wick DIY in Home

how to make a candle wick

Individuality in the design of your interior will always be its winning side. Nothing gives the comforts of home in an apartment like the things the owners do. And if until now you couldn’t brag about these needle fruits, you have a great opportunity to fix it. We suggest that you try to make candles with your own hands.

Candles are a wonderful keepsake that on occasion can decorate the atmosphere of any family vacation, holidays or romantic festivals like honeymoon. If you’re planning a trip for India then I’d suggest Ooty, Meghamalai, Kodaikanal are the best honeymoon destinations and you can check the best kodaikanal honeymoon packages yourself

Candles have long been an attribute of triumph, of important dates, of romantic evenings. Yes, just sitting in silence, listening to your favorite music under the chill of a slight sparkle – sometimes that’s not enough.

For someone, a candle is nothing more than a pretty decoration. And there is nothing wrong with that either, these products serve as a wonderful decoration in the house. But scented candles can become a real psychotherapeutic tool: they will help create the necessary atmosphere for relaxation, take a person to the world of dreams and pleasant memories.

In addition, the candle is a wonderful gift. The warmth of your hands and the light of a beautiful candle will be the best wishes for a loved one. Candles will decorate even the most modest decor, emphasize the color scheme of your apartment, become a testament to the wonderful taste of the owner.

Needless to say, mothers on maternity leave can even earn some extra cash in such an enjoyable hobby. And not just mothers – everyone interested in the candle making process. And those who wish to acquire such artificial beauty, rest assured, there are some.

So we have many reasons to finally start our creative process. But to make candles, we need to stock up on certain materials and tools.

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Materials for making candles

how to make a candle wick

Indeed, how to make candles with your own hands without special materials? In the work we will be useful:

  • Wax melting vessel
  • Candle molds
  • Saucepan (for a double boiler)
  • Sticks (the first is to fix the wick, the second to mix the wax)
  • Decorative objects to decorate the product
  • Wax crayons
  • Household candles or ashes from old candles
  • Paper yarn (100% cotton)

All this will help us to create, if not a masterpiece of wax, then a beautiful original candle. So let’s go!

Candle wick

Now we need to learn how to make a candle wick with our own hands. We make a candle in gel, paraffin or wax, in all cases we will need a wick. To do this, we need a natural cotton yarn without any impurities. As an option, take colored silk threads as a wick. He looks very cute and unusual.

The thickness and texture of the wick depend first of all on the thickness of the part of the candle that is to be burnt. For example, there are candles, which are partly made of combustible materials. Only the core burns in them.

For those who are going to throw a wax candle, you should take thick threads and not twist them very tightly. Paraffin and gel candles, on the contrary, require a tight weaving of threads (otherwise the wick will smoke during burning).

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Wick for candles

Gel candle wick

You should pay attention to the following details: If the candle is stained with crayons, small chips can clog the wick without dissolving in paraffin or wax. In general, there are a lot of nuances in this business, be prepared for the fact that you will have to do some trial and error to select a wick for a certain type of candle.

If you take a very thick wick, then excessive melting of the candle is not excluded, which is heavy with soot. If you make a very fine bit, it will constantly go out.

There are several options for the design of the wick: it can be crocheted, braided, twisted with a rope. Before pouring candles, you can soak the wire with wax, and you can simultaneously fill and soak.

If you don’t want to waste time making wicks, use a ready-made household candle wick.

Candle mold

In this regard, your imagination plays a decisive role. You can use any shape of plastic or metal that you think is pretty and appropriate for making candles. Don’t limit yourself to ready-made cookie cutters: packaging made from yogurt, cream jars, molds, cans, glasses or mugs that can withstand high temperatures can also play their part. . Some even use tetrapack milk as a mold for a future candle.

Candles poured into tea cups

Eggshell candles

But for your first experience, you better not be smart: take something simple. For example, a glass of yogurt. Be sure to remove the paper tag first, as it may catch fire.

We take our glass and in the middle of its bottom with a thick needle we pierce a hole – we insert a ready-made wick. On the back of the cup, the wick must be tied. At this very place, the nodule will be the top of our candle, because the filling will be “upside down”: the nodule minimizes the flow of paraffin, stearin or wax through the hole we made at the bottom of the glass .

Let’s go on. Through the glass we need to put any wand – a toothpick, brush or pencil. On this one we need to tie the other end of the wick. It should be placed strictly in the center in a uniform vertical position. Thus, you ensure that the candle will burn evenly and melt.

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Candle coloring

You will get very beautiful candles as long as you do not forget to color them. The easiest and most acceptable way is to color the candles with simple children’s crayons.

Do you think it would be better to use watercolor or gouache? Indeed, the palette of these colors is richer than the variety of colors of the pencils. But the problem is that gouache and watercolor are made on a water-soluble basis: these dyes are not suitable for working with candles. They mix poorly with wax or paraffin, can float in them an incomprehensible color in flakes, and then sink completely to the bottom.

Decorative candles can and should only be made with fat soluble dyes, and these are our crayons.

Often times, many candle decorators use lipsticks or shadows. If you are not sorry for your cosmetics, please follow their lead. But make sure that the scent of the lipstick will get throughout the house, which is far from always pleasant. To many, this smell can seem intrusive.

If you have already set out to make decorative candles with your own hands, it is better to use less aggressive materials. In choosing wax crayons, we dwell on the mild types of this dye. Candles made using pearl wax crayons are especially good.

If you are having hard pencils, the fusing process will be difficult. Yes, and planning them is quite problematic. We therefore selected the pencil, using a grater, we weighed it and added these shavings to the wax ashes. Shavings and sticks of ash carefully mixed.

However, there is another option for coloring. In specialized stores it is easy to find pigment tablets of different colors. They can be mixed together, dosed. Using such pigments, you will be able to make a truly unusual, bright or delicate candle. Pigments in tablets greatly increase the possibility of obtaining interesting shades.

You should not refuse to use dyes: they give the candle a unique look, create a unique pattern.

Candle filling

Now the wick is ready, it’s time to fill it. We need a regular tin can. It must be flattened a little to form a particular nose. This is necessary to make the process of pouring molten material easier.

The pre-prepared form is better lubricated with a thin layer of dishwashing liquid or regular vegetable oil. This and other means are just as good.

In the jar we need to put the fragments of candles (the candles should be of the same quality). If we are going to make a paraffin or wax candle, you can take a saucepan or a ladle to melt, which is not too bad. In all cases, this container must be placed in the saucepan that will serve as a double boiler. Basically, you can use anything you want, except glassware.

So, we fill the pot with water, boil the water, and then immerse the container with wax or paraffin. So our material will melt.

When the material and the chips have completely melted, you can start to fill the candle.

Fill the bottom of our mold with wax, let cool. Do not rush to fill out the entire form immediately, otherwise a lot of wax or paraffin might leak through the hole at the bottom. Fill the wax with layers, then pour in what leaked again to melt again. When the candle is completely filled, it should be cooled. The temperature should be room temperature.

Many at this point are wrong: they are trying to speed up the cooling process by placing a candle in the freezer. In this case, it can spread unevenly.

It is not critical if we fill the candle upside down. If you use another method, you should leave some wax in order to fill in the indentations next to the wick. And after drying, they will certainly appear.

When the temperature of the candle already becomes equal to the temperature of the room, you need to untie the knot at the bottom of the form. At this time, we remove the product itself by gently pulling on the wick.

If you cannot do this, the form can be cut. Or put it in the fridge for a while, then replace it under hot water for a few seconds.

After that, we cut off the excess part of the wick, leaving a tip of 1 cm, if any ugly seams remain from the mold, they can be removed with hot water. But with these manipulations, the candle may become cloudy, its shine may fade. Therefore, the optimal solution would be to choose a shape for a candle that does not contain seams.

DIY aroma candles

To make aromatic candles with your own hands is quite realistic. In particular, it is worth doing for those who are a real fan of aromatherapy. In order for you to get exactly aromatic candles, you need to add essential oils before pouring in the wax. The choice of oil depends on your taste: you can add any type of oil, unless the rose is worth it. After all, its burning smell will be suffocating, heavy.

It’s great if the decor of the aromatic candle matches the plant we’re using the oil from. For example, taking lavender oil as the base of the aroma, pink or lilac colorings should prevail in the candle decor.

Using bay or peppermint oil, decorate the candle better with green undertones.

Vanilla or cinnamon will be organic in warm beige-brown candle tones.

Not only can oils make your candle aromatic, regular coffee has a strong and pleasant aroma.

In principle, it is not that difficult to obtain the scent of a candle. Aromatic oils are added to paraffin, wax or gel. And then the process of making an aromatic candle is no different from creating an ordinary candle.

Experimenters are advised to mix the oils: an unusual bouquet of aromas is guaranteed. If you are afraid of “pushing” and synthesizing incompatible smells, check out fragrance recipes. Follow their directions, but don’t add rose oil.

Spas and gel

And now let’s talk about how to make gel candles with your own hands. In order for us to get gel candles, it is better to use ready-made gel wax. On the accompanying packaging, the recipe for creating candles is often written and you can use it.

The following recipe can help those who are used to doing everything themselves:

  • 5 g of gelatin
  • 2 g de tanin
  • 20 ml of water
  • 35 ml of glycerin

First of all, we need to dissolve the tannin in the glycerin during heating. We continue to heat, adding to the composition of the remnants of glycerin and gelatin. Add water to the resulting clear solution. The mixture is brought to a boil. You shouldn’t be afraid of clouding the solution: it will go away soon. Until the water has completely evaporated, you need to boil the solution.

In gel candles, you can also add essential oil, this does not contradict the recipe. A separate, particularly pleasant, process of decorating gel candles. Decorative elements are placed freely at the bottom of any transparent container: pearls, pearls, pebbles, shells, sequins, coffee beans, stems of dry plants or flowers. Then fill everything with transparent gel wax. Such a candle is simply amazing: transparent, delicate, with a magical pattern inside.

Coffee candles

The manufacture of decorative candles is also not difficult. For example, you can make an original coffee candle. Decor – naturally, with coffee beans. The principle of operation is as follows: a small form is inserted into a large form. Between the walls of two forms you need to fill the coffee beans, then pour them with a mass of candle.

As soon as the mass of coffee beans has frozen, the walls should be blown with a hot hair dryer. Because of this, the excess paraffin drains, the coffee beans will be clearly visible.

So the outer layer with coffee beans is ready. We reshape it, fill it with paraffin / wax of a different color from the inside.

Coffee candles can be the following:

In the same way, you can make sea candles: instead of grains, they will have pebbles or seashells. Optional – transparent gel candles with small pebbles or coffee beans.

Candle decoration options

How else can you decorate a candle made by yourself? The first way to make your candle original is to use unusual and unexpected shapes. Sometimes an interesting shape can be more advantageous than even the most skillful decor. A wonderful element of the decor of the candles is all kinds of glass coasters.

In a specialty store you can find special stickers for decoration. Or decoupage is a great way to decorate candles. By the way, it is very fashionable among professional candlesticks. Most often, napkins are used as a decoupage base. Do not forget about safety: use a special varnish for candles.

For fans of original decor, the following option is suitable:

Before filling, lay shells, pieces of dried fruit, cinnamon, seeds, dried flowers on the edges of the form. Or be it coffee beans in a set with rhinestones and pearls. But in the latter case, it will be more appropriate to talk about the decor of the finished product: decorative elements are inserted into the paraffin / molten wax.

An already frozen candle can be glued with bamboo or cinnamon sticks. You can add star anise stars or the same coffee beans to them. It will be a beautiful decoration for aromatic candles.

If you are using dried plants (or any other decorative item that can become combustible), the candle wick should be thin so that the candle only melts in the middle.

In principle, if you have the opportunity to request materials in specialized stores, there you will gain a lot of useful tools. For example, markers and outlines are sold there, they do not burn, and during the slow burning of the wick, they melt with wax / paraffin.

You don’t want to scavenge old candle ash – use paraffin balls or candle gel. In specialty stores you can even find ready-made bits (with a metal backing). For floating candles, you can purchase a specially designed wax.

Today, the imagination of a creative person is practically limitless: the prices of materials for the manufacture of candles “do not bite”, the process is exciting and not as long as it seems. Having created a beautiful candle with your own hands, it is unlikely that you will deny yourself the pleasure of experimenting again.

And for inspiration, we suggest you watch a wonderful video master class on creating carved candlesHeadings

»From the material presented, you will learn how to make a” ham wick “yourself.

It is mainly used by tourists, fishermen and hunters to make a bonfire, or as a long lit candle, and can also be used directly as a wick to set a “smoke bomb or firecracker” on fire.

The undoubted advantage of this cord is that it is absolutely not afraid of humidity and water, thanks to a good impregnation with beeswax.

So let’s take a look at the step by step instructions for creating a miracle lock, and also see what exactly is needed for that.

1. thin hemp rope
2. beeswax
3. coil (strip, rope winding board)
4. paper

The tools
1. glass container
2. tablespoon
3. knife
4. heating element
5. saucepan with water

The process of making a do-it-yourself heminkink wick.
Thus, it has already been indicated above that this wick can be used as a means to make a fire, and to carry out diversionary work on the manufacture of all kinds of smoke bombs and firecrackers (directly for their fuse)

For its resistance to humidity, this cordon is respected by experienced tourists and other lovers to stroll through forests and fields for several days.

Because the weather can be caught off guard, as they say “At the most inconvenient time” After getting wet in the rain, you will need to dry your clothes urgently so as not to get sick. And where can you find a dry and reliable kindling for a fire in a humid forest? This will help the wick) You can certainly use “birch bark” but the birch trees may not be nearby.

The hemp thread is taken and unwound.

Then melt the beeswax, the first way is naturally a water bath. It is done as follows: a container of water is taken (saucepan, metal bucket), placed on a fire source and brought to a boil, as soon as the water boils, you can immerse a can of wax in it.

If the container is made of glass, it will be advisable to put it at the beginning of the process of heating the water, since the glass does not like sudden changes in temperature. We wait for the wax to melt.

Method 2
You can also melt the wax in the microwave, likewise place the wax in a glass container Attention! Never use metal utensils (if you don’t want to blow up your kitchen) Put a can of wax in the oven for 2 minutes, then check the condition, if it does not melt, set for another 1 minute. In order not to burn yourself during the checks, you must use (a piece of clothing, a towel, a cloth) Do not take a hot pot with your bare hands !!!

Now the most important thing! Never melt (wax or paraffin) on an open fire, because in liquid state it ignites easily and can cause fire. Pay attention!

Also, as we see, the author melted the wax, and by the next action he lowers the hemp thread into the pot so that it is properly saturated with wax. For a long time, you can not leave the thread, because the wax will gradually cool and harden. To soak and then remove the rope, the author uses a tablespoon.

So the thread is quite saturated with content and can be deleted. Then it is laid on a sheet (paper or newspaper) for subsequent drying.

Then you have to wait for the wax to dry and harden. It is undesirable to dry in direct sunlight, room temperature and simple lighting are fine. Once the wick is dry, you can start rewinding it on the “babin” you have prepared, you can use it (stick, board, oblong lighter)

The winding is ordinary, first in one direction, then in the other.

Pyrotechnics, big or small, have long been an integral part of almost every vacation. And we’re not only talking about fireworks, but also sparklers, crackers and firecrackers.

The key to safety when using pyrotechnics is primarily strict adherence to the operating instructions. However, there are situations where you have to improvise, for the holidays to really succeed. For example, purchased firecrackers have a bit that is too short and it is dangerous to use it, but I really want it. Then there is a way – to make a wick for firecrackers with your own hands.

There are several ways to do this. The difference in them lies mainly in the choice of a combustible substance.

Therefore, each method has its own characteristics:

  1. As a bead, you can use wire insulation or a rod from the pen in which the ink has run out. We fill the wire with sulfur, removed from the match heads and crushed into powder. Dab the filling carefully with a needle or toothpick. Be careful because the friction force can cause accidental fire. The denser the sulfur, the longer the wick will burn.
  2. In order not to crush the sulfur heads, you can just gently break them off and lay them side by side on duct tape. Then roll the tape into a tube so that the sulfur is inside. The more heads, the longer the cord.
  3. An ordinary thin rope can be soaked in a nitrate solution, which can be purchased at a garden store (it is a good fertilizer). The saltpeter will have to be dissolved in water until a good saturation, then lower the bead for several hours.
  4. The combustible composition can be made from potassium permanganate and superglue. These two components must be well combined and mixed well. At first the mixture will turn liquid, but over time it will thicken to the state of plasticine. Roll the resulting substance into a thin sausage. Here is the wick.
  5. In summer, poplar fluff is suitable for making a wick. Collect it, remember it well, and wrap it in a paper tube.

How to make a firecracker without a wick

You can make yourself not only a wick, but also a firecracker. There may be several options for toppings: this is sulfur from matches and saltpeter mixes, and much more. If you understand chemistry, you can easily find the right composition. The case is also made of improvised materials. It is possible to make it from cardboard, aluminum foil, small plastic jars … It all depends on the effect you expect.

Making firecrackers without a wick is difficult, but possible.   Granted, it’s not very clear what the wick is stopping you … Yes, and there are a lot more ways to do as expected than the other way around. But there are still such options.

Our faithful friends, matches, will come to our aid. We clean the sulfur from it, usually a whole box is enough. Then, gently grind it into a powder and pour it onto a piece of aluminum foil about 10 x 10 cm. Then cut out the side of the box – the phosphorus cherkass. We erase it from the scraps of paper. We cut into two or three parts and put in sulfur powder. We wrap the foil to make a small square with a flammable core inside. It is done! For a firecracker to explode, you just need to hit it with a hammer.

Another way – to use for making napkins, electrical tape, caps and small pebbles. To begin with, you will need to peel the towel. Cut the resulting thin part into eight equal squares. Grind the contents of the caps in the center of the cut towel and put pebbles on top. Wrap the resulting mixture so that the shape of the firecracker looks like a small onion. For waterproofing, wrap the tail of the bulb with electrical tape. For the detonation, throw your invention against the wall or forcibly throw it on the asphalt.

Nevertheless, we will include one in our list of recipes, how to make a firecracker with a wick and gunpowder. Take a piece of cardboard and roll it into a cylinder. Choose the parameters of the room yourself, it will serve as a body for future firecrackers, respectively, it should not be very large.

On the one hand, we make a heel. It can be plasticine or even cardboard. If you prefer the second option, coat it well with glue so that the cap stays in place at the right time. Then we make gunpowder. It can be made from potassium nitrate, carbon and sulfur, the proportions should be observed as follows: six parts of nitrate, one part of carbon and the same amount of sulfur. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly. The quantity depends on the size of the case. We fill our powder inside the case and proceed to the manufacture of the wick. You can use any method, but it is still the recommended option with a handle and gray rod with matches.

The length of the bit should be such that you have time to cover a safe distance. We prepare a cap for the other side of the case. We insert it and make a hole in it that corresponds to the diameter of the bit. If it turned out more, we additionally wrap the wick with paper so that it is securely fixed in the firecracker and the structure itself is airtight. The firecracker is ready.

Where can I buy a wick for firecrackers

If you are not eager to make firecrackers or their components yourself, you have a direct route to the pyrotechnics store. There, experienced salespeople will tell you which bit is best for your product. Usually wicks and chevrons (for professional fireworks) are sold in spools, which means either mass use for the big holidays or cut as much as you need.

In order not to go wrong with the choice of a wick, decide for yourself how many firecrackers will go into business and how far you will manage to get away from the moment of the arson. If in doubt, seek professional advice. Let him give you exhaustive recommendations on the exact number of inches of bit you should buy. If you don’t want to leave your home looking for the right product, you are spoiled for choice in online stores. At your service there is always a manager or administrator who will provide you with no less detailed information on quantity, quality and cost.

The candles are over 2,000 years old. The first mention of adaptation dates from the 1st millennium BC. In ancient China and Japan, wax was extracted from sumac seeds. It is a shrub which gives fruit in the 5th year of life. The young plants were not suitable for wax creation, as they had not yet given seeds.

At the beginning of our era, candles made from animal fat were invented. A wick was plunged into it, gripping it layer by layer. The wick itself was made of cable, cotton, timothy or milkweed stems. You can make a candle yourself now. How? ‘Or’ What? About this further.

Make a wick for a candle

To make a candle at home should start with a wick. For him, they buy natural cotton thread. Its striking example is the “thread mill”. This material for embroidery is in any sewing store. A candle with a diameter of 2-7 centimeters requires about 15 single threads. For a product with a diameter of 10 centimeters, 24 threads are taken, and for a souvenir more than 10 centimeters wide, 30 threads are woven.

But, the diameter of the candle is not always an indicator of the thickness of the wick. There are models that only partially burn. These products are only partially composed of combustible materials. The core burns, leaving an outline intact. The calculation of the power of the wick is carried out taking into account exactly the paraffin, helium or wax part. The wax does not require a tight twist of the strands of the wick, but for paraffin and helium samples a tight twist is required.

The wicks are crocheted, braided, just twisted. All options are relevant. In order not to spend too much time, even finished pieces of household candles are used. At do it yourself candle , you can pre-soak the wires, or you can simultaneously with the filling.

Determine the shape of the candle and install the wick

In the question of form, the author’s fantasy plays a determining role. Any plastic, metal or ceramic container will suit him. Paraffin is poured into eating cups, teapots, metal tubes, cans, yogurt glasses. If there is a paper tag, it is removed. In doing so, cellulose can catch fire.

The most convenient way to work with plastic containers. They are recommended for beginners. It is easy to make a hole in the bottom of the plastic container. A wick is inserted there. On the outside of the glass, the threads are tied. This will nullify the leakage of stearin or paraffin through the hole. The hole is made with a thick needle.

A toothpick, wire, whole crossbar is placed on top of the glass. The second end of the wick is tied to it. Thus, its position is fixed. The threads should stay straight in the middle of the container. Otherwise, the candle will burn and melt unevenly.

Candle coloring

How to make a colored candle ? The easy and affordable way – wax crayons for children. They are easily mixed with the material of the lamp, unlike gouache and watercolor. These dyes are soluble in water.

It is impossible to distribute them evenly in the paraffin. Lighting elements are only needed on a fat soluble basis. Interestingly, these include lipsticks. Therefore, some craftsmen use old models of unnecessary lips in the manufacture of candles.

Among children’s candle chalks, soft samples are ideal. In stores and trade fairs specializing in creativity, dyes for tablets are also sold. Pellets are specially designed for those who are thinking, how to make candles with your own hands . Pills have a much wider range of colors and shades than crayons. Granted, in-store supplements are more expensive.

Candle filling

Typically, boxes are used to melt wax. They are well washed and slightly flattened. A gutter forms, from which the paraffin then flows in a thin stream into the filling mold. The container for canned food is practical, but in principle all utensils other than glass are suitable.

In addition to a container for melting paraffin shards, a saucepan is needed. Water is poured into it, brought to a boil. A jar of paraffin is placed in the bubbling solution. Wreckage of unnecessary candles should be about the same in quality.

The molten material is poured in a preselected form with the wick installed. First of all, the bottom is filled. If you pour all at once, a lot of wax will flow through the hole at the bottom. When poured in layers, the “dropped” material is collected and then sent again for reflow. This is the answer to the question how to make a candle at home   with minimal cost.

After pouring, the candle cools and hardens at room temperature. The refrigerator room is charged with uneven solidification of the material.

If the candle comes out a little rough, it is placed under hot water for a few seconds. Thus, the contour is leveled, faded. But sometimes roughness is an author’s idea. Deciding how to make a candle , many artisans intentionally choose shapes with a ribbed surface.

It is more convenient to fill “upside down”. In other words, the head of the candle, at the end, becomes a wick attached to the bottom of the container. The top of the filling becomes the base of the product. In this case, it is not necessary to separately fill the recess next to the wick at the top of the bowl. It is almost always formed in the process of sedimentation, hardening of the wax.

In addition to the standard, scented candles are also poured. In this case, odorous mixtures, ethers are added to the molten material. They are thoroughly mixed with paraffin before forming the product. As a flavor, regular coffee beans, cloves or cinnamon from home cooking are suitable. Slices of lemons, oranges and dried limes are also placed in paraffin.

Thinking of how to make an icon lamp with a felt-tip pen do it yourself? This article provides tips on how to make a homemade lamp and wick. Read it now!

How to make a felt lamp yourself?

How to make a lamp

Lampada is a Christian symbol of divine light that warms the souls of people. Usually it is hung in front of the iconostasis at home or in a church. But such a lamp, made by yourself, can be used for household or decorative purposes. This can be useful if you suddenly cut off the electricity. And it can become a central element of the design of the summer gazebo on the site of a country house.

As a container that will serve as a reservoir for oil, you can use a nice little jar of cookies or candy. If not, go to the DIY hardware store. As a rule, there is a large assortment of cans and jars of various sizes and the most amazing colors.The lamp can serve not only as an attribute of religious rituals, but also as a wonderful decoration of the interior.

The next step after choosing a box is to make a holder for the bit:

  • take a loose wire of sufficient length and the shank of an ordinary ballpoint pen;
  • place the rod in the middle of the wire (like a cross);
  • wind the wire on the spiral rod so that the turns are closely adjacent to each other and the total length of the turns on the rod is about 1 cm;
  • take out the rod and place the holder for the wick on the pot: being strictly in the center of the opening of the box, it should slightly protrude beyond (0.5 cm on each side);
  • on the side surfaces of the box, where the bracket will be attached, make small holes with an awl;
  • Pass the bracket through the drilled holes and bend the protruding ends of the wire.

Everything, the base of the lamp is ready.

How to make a wick for the lamp

A homemade wick can be made from an ordinary medical bandage. Take a narrow bandage, cut the required length. Cut this piece in half along. We tie the ribbons on one side with a small knot. Then tightly twist the bandage and tie it at the end. Carefully, using a thin wire, we push the wick into the spiral holder (from bottom to top). Pulling the wick 2 cm, cut the upper knot.

Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick? DIY Wicks 2020

can you use toothpick as a candle wick

You might be wondering like ‘Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick?’ and for this question we learn how to make DIY candle wicks. My tutorials are easily done using cotton, oil and few borax. I am not the most gifted chick with her hands at creation on wicks. I have two left hands, I don’t have an overflowing creativity, and above all I have no patience for using wire, tin and metal for candles. Yes, just that. However, I enjoy doing DIY candle wick with toothpick as a substitute.

How to Make toothpick for your Candle Wick:

So be reassured, what I am offering you is really within everyone’s reach and above all, easily achievable. Yes, assume that if I can do it, you can too.

For this first DIY of the year, I suggest you make your own candles. I am a big fan of candles, scented or not, of all shapes and colors.

I like having it on my table, in my room, around my bathtub. I always find an occasion to offer candles too, a birthday, a Mother’s Day. But it’s the perfect gift for yourself.

Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick?

Yes, you can use a toothpick as your candle wick.

  • Yesterday I lit a scented tealight candle. The candle wick burned up to 1mm above the wax, extinguished, and could not be burnt any further.
  • Throwing is out of the question. So I thought about how the candle could still be burnt. I took a wooden toothpick and placed it in the wax right next to the wick, then snapped off the toothpick so that I only left about 5mm of protrusion.
  • Measured the wick size & I then lit the toothpick after which it burned with the wick until all the wax was used up.

Buy the best 3 in 1 Candle wick trimmer set on Amazon.

How Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick

For this Do It Yourself, I did most of my shopping at Amazon , it’s a bit of a creative hobby. I had fun, and I might as well tell you that it will create a lot at home. So as with any start, purchasing the equipment can be a cost, but some things are endlessly reusable. And so, it’s worth doing things on your own.

Buy this best selling DIY candle making Kit from Amazon

DIY candle making kit

What you need for DIY candle wicks

  • Candle molds 
  • Wax 
  • Wicks 
  • Cotton
  • Oil
  • Borax
  • Toothpick
  • Wire
  • Tin
  • Crystals
  • Metal
  • pcs
  • Solid dye (if you want to color your candle)
  • A match (or toothpick)
  • A special bain-marie sachet (generally the wax sachet is suitable, but to be checked)
  • Decoration (ribbon, photo, it’s up to you)

Step by step :

  1. Pass the candle wick into the mold, hold everything together with joy wax. Up and down.
toothpick as a candle wick
  1. Melt the wax in a double boiler, add your color.
  2. Take the wax out of the heat, wait a few minutes. During this time, heat your mold using a hair dryer (to avoid thermal shock of your candle).
  3. Pour the wax into the mold
  4. Let cool for a few hours.
  5. Unmold your candle.
  6. Decorate it as you see fit.

Little tip: If you want to make a gradient, or change the color, wait ten minutes between each step of candlemaking.


Author note : This article was curated by theera ulaa who has spent most of his time is travelling around India.

Treat yourself: I love pineapple and cactus mussels . Or reuse old tins of teas or other to serve as a #zerodechets container 😉

how can you use toothpick as a candle wick
how can you use a toothpick as a candle wick

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can you use a shoelace as a candle wick

bamboo skewer candle wick

how to replace a candle wick

How to make your Own Homemade Candle Wick that Last Longer

How to make your own homemade candle wick : Do you know how to choose a wick? Do you know how to properly place it in your candle? Otherwise, we’ll tell you everything! We choose a wick according to its diameter and this choice will depend on the diameter of the candle you want to make. We take for example that a # 1 wick will be used for the tea lights , while # 7 will be used for the pillar molds . If the wick is not wide enough, only the center of the candle will melt.

Take into account that if you use beeswax, you will need to take a wick one size larger than that indicated because beeswax is harder than vegetable wax.

How to make your Own Candle Wick

Bit too fine

The usefulness of plinths

The metal bases are used to hold the wick at the bottom of the candle.

How to reward the candle

The wick can be difficult to handle: you have to pass it through the hole in the base and also keep it straight when you pour the wax. It can quickly become complicated and generate some small damage. To no longer fight with the wick, it suffices to “prime the wick”.

1. In a double boiler, melt the wax you are going to use for your candle.

2. Once melted, immerse your wick in it, making sure that it is completely submerged.

3. Place it on a sheet of aluminum foil, shaping it so that it is straight.

4. Let it cool then place in the freezer for a few minutes.

5. Take it out of the freezer and pass it through the hole in the plinth.

6. Pinch the base with pliers to hold the bit.

7. You now have your wick! Pour your candle wax and place the wick in the center of your container, holding it with two sushi chopsticks or popsicle sticks. Let it freeze.

Prime the wick and hold it
How to make your own homemade candle wick

Choosing the right candle wick:

When you want to make a candle , if there is one important criterion to take into account before starting, it is the choice of the wick.
Indeed, the wick is the essential element for the proper functioning of a candle and is not limited to a simple piece of string that we light …
We will therefore try to understand why it is necessary to choose carefully its candle wick before moving on to the manufacturing stage.

The role of the wick

How to make your own homemade candle wick : The wick of the candle could roughly be compared to a kind of pipe for supplying the flame with combustible material.
As soon as the wick is lit, the flame melts the wax located in its nearest periphery, then by capillary action, (that is to say because of the very small space between each fiber of the wick), the wax Liquid fondue is pumped through the wick.

When it gets as close as possible to the flame and under the effect of heat, the wax then turns into gas, releasing hydrogen.
By mixing with the oxygen of the ambient air: the wax ignites.

As the wax takes on its gaseous form, tiny particles of soot form and burn, blackening the wick and releasing a yellow light very clearly visible in the heart of the flame.

The candle wick therefore plays a double role: that of conveying the wax towards the flame and that of a support for combustion.

Combustion is maintained by adding fuel (wax) and oxidizer (in the ambient air).

  • If the contribution of these elements is balanced, the combustion process will be stable, the soot produced will be almost completely burned.
  • If the wax supply is insufficient (in the case of a wick that is too small), the combustion will be regular but insufficient and the quantity of molten wax that is too large will manage to drown the flame until the candle is completely extinguished.
  • If the addition of wax is too important (in the case of a too large wick), combustion will be:
    – either regular with a high flame in the form of a triangle and a release of fumes with a more or less important production of soot (creation of a mushroom at the end of the wick).
    – or irregular resulting in the very characteristic phenomenon of an unstable or flickering flame.
    The flame, by consuming all the wax at its disposal faster than the wick can provide it, will decrease in intensity, then resume greater combustion with the arrival of new wax.This phenomenon could also be maintained or accentuated by the temperature variations due to the differences in flame intensity.

The different types of wicks

How to make your own homemade candle wick: There are two main families of wicks: braided (or woven) wicks and wrapped wicks.

Braided locks

Braided locks are the most common. They are made up of a multitude of threads braided together, more or less thick and more or less stretched during weaving.
We find wicks braided in cotton thread, in linen thread or in hemp.

This type of wick is available in 3 distinct braids:Flat braidingFlat braiding wicks (or flat wicks) are the most widely used. They are suitable for most paraffin wax, paraffin / stearin mixture candles and refined waxes which have a low melting point.

Very economical, flat wicks are recommended for communities and for making large series of candles.

Flat wicks should not be confused with kerosene lamp wicks.Round braidingRound braided wicks (or round wicks) are recommended for beeswax candles, and candles containing more than 60% stearin. 

They are also recommended for certain waxes which have a high melting point, for waxes which lack purity and for certain vegetable waxes.Square braidingSquare braiding wicks (or square wicks) are intended for making thick candles or outdoor candles. Not widely used, square bits are mainly used with large diameters (<8 mm).

Waxed wicks

The waxed wicks are wrapped in wax, that is to say immersed in a bath of liquid wax.

This “treatment” allows faster priming and almost immediate ignition.
The core of waxed wicks is usually made of paper or a cotton braid.
Waxed wicks are mainly used for making small paraffin wax candles and for gel candles.

Some waxed wicks are made around a zinc wire which offers better rigidity and excellent stability when waxing.

We are now going to try to see more clearly about the choice of the most suitable bit according to the following 3 main criteria:

– The composition of the candle
– The size of the candle
– Any additives

candle - afairesoimeme

What wax (s) make up my candle?

This is the determining element in the choice of the wick: what is the composition of the candle, what is it made of and in what proportions?

In theory, a candle is made from one main element plus an additive. More rarely a candle will be able to include several additives but we will stay on a simple diagram.

This main element should therefore be taken into account when choosing your wick.

As we have seen, we reserve the flat wick for non-vegetable waxes (paraffin, paraffin / stearin mixture, waxes, microcrystalline waxes, cracking waxes) and the round wick for beeswax, vegetable waxes and candles in stearin.

For practical reasons it is sometimes necessary to add certain “ingredients” to a vegetable wax to modify its density or color. Nevertheless, even if the proportion of this additive is equal to 50%, it is advisable not to change the type of wick.

For example, a paraffin wax candle with the addition of 50% vegetable stearin will prefer a flat wick to a round wick.

What is the size of my candle?

By size, we mean the average diameter of the candle. If one considers the manufacture of a conical candle , the reference measurement will be defined by the average diameter of the candle, taken for example at mid-height.
For more complex shapes, a caliper or a flexible meter is frequently used to measure the candle (or its mold) in its average diameter.

Depending on the average diameter of a candle, here are the recommended average values:

Paraffin / stearin candles, microcrystalline waxes, crackle waxes:

Candle diameterRecommended bitBit size
<20 mmFlat bitF1
Up to 40 mmFlat bitF2
Up to 60 mmFlat bitF3
Up to 80 mmFlat bitF4
Up to 100 mmFlat bitF5

Stearin, beeswax or vegetable candles (rapeseed, soya, palm, etc.):

Candle diameterRecommended bitBit size
<15 mmRound wickR0
Up to 25 mmRound wickR1
Up to 45 mmRound wickR2
Up to 60 mmRound wickR3
Up to 90 mmRound wickR4

Gel candles, votive candles, tealight:

Candle diameterRecommended bitBit size
Up to 50 mmWaxed wick (cotton or paper), reinforced or not: 1 to 3 mm

Our advices :

  • For candles with very large diameters, we recommend the use of several wicks
  • Reserve large diameter candles for outdoor use (wicks greater than R3 or F4)
  • Respect the direction of the fibers if you use a round wick : the strand from the coil unwinds towards the top of the candle

Will I add coloring or perfume?

Usually we recommend to increase the diameter of the wick by one size if we want to add coloring or perfume in the candle, for a fairly simple reason; this addition will “degrade” the combustion of the wax.
By increasing the wick by one size, more wax will be added to the flame, thus restoring the loss of intensity.

Other types of wax or candles

It is difficult to compile an exhaustive list of all the waxes on the market, and you may have to experiment with the best combinations yourself for the best results.

We advise you to carefully write down each wax / wick combination so that you can refer to it later.

We’ve come to the end of “How to make your own homemade candle wick” article, hope this was useful. If you want to know can you use a toothpick as a candle wick and other FAQs check out comment section.

Best swimsuits for this Summer 2020

Elegant and timeless, the black swimsuit is the essential piece to have in your dressing room, like the little black dress. 

This season, the black swimsuit is invading our locker room and slipping into our suitcase for the holidays. Because we never have too many bikinis, we fall for this must-have that bends to all fantasies.

Why fall for a black swimsuit? 

There are many best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge if you’re fat but hey don’t worry if you’re thin, The black swimsuit is a safe bet. Sober and timeless, it highlights all body types and all skin tones. Whether you choose it in one or two pieces, it brings the right amount of chic and ensures a “whaou” effect on the hot sand. 

And then, we are not going to lie to each other, we also like its slimming effect which flatters our figure. Nothing better than a pretty black bikini to strut around with confidence all summer long.   

Which black swimsuit to choose?

This year, the black swimsuit follows all the trends. In bikini, one-piece or trikini version, it is adorned with ruffles, lacings, lace, shells, jewels and other canons ornaments. 

If you’re a fan of one-piece swimsuits , opt for the sophisticated asymmetrical model by Chantelle or the couture one-piece by Tatiane de Freitas. For a sexy look on the beach, play on a maxi-low-cut or high-cut version for infinite-looking legs.  

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We love the vertiginous and irresistible necklines of the Princesse tamtam and Passionata swimsuits. 

If we prefer the bikini, the two-piece will give us the air of pin-up, especially if we opt for a retro model with high-waisted panties. Adorned with ruffles, macramé lace or pretty golden details, it reveals all its elegance. 

In short, we like its simplicity and its chic side which makes its small effect!

How to accessorize a black swimsuit?

Worn far from the beach, the black swimsuit, both elegant and classic, is a flagship piece of the summer wardrobe. To be right on trend, we associate it with shell jewelry .  

A floral skirt, denim shorts and gold sandals are enough to spice up our outfit for a lunch by the water or a stroll to the local market. 

The black one-piece with ruffles or off the shoulders can be worn day or night as a bodysuit. Slip it under a skirt with heels for the evening or with jeans and sneakers for a casual look during the day.  

As for the bikini, black has the merit of being associated with all the prints and all the colors. We wear it just as well with a striped shirt as with a polka dot skirt or a denim piece. And for the more daring, we upgrade it with a designer garment or a haute couture bag.

Discover our selection of the most beautiful models of black swimsuits to slip into your suitcase this summer.

Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020 AMAZON – Solo Girl Backpacker

travel gifts for her 2020

Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020 : Do you know the problem too? You want to make dear people happy and not just give something?

For some you can think of something directly, but others are really difficult to give!

That is why we have written down our gift ideas for travelers for you here.

Gifts for travelers are not only usually very useful when traveling, but in case of doubt can also satisfy the wanderlust in your own four walls – at least until your next trip.

Someone from your family or friends like to take photos or are interested in photography?

As we discover new great travel gifts every year, we update the post regularly and supplement it with our new favorite Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020.

Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020 :

Of course, there are not only gifts that you can take with you when traveling, but also great things for at home that we can make people who love to travel or those who dream of traveling a lot of fun with.

Photo fairy lights for your vacation photos

Photo fairy lights

A super nice gift idea! Which globetrotter doesn’t have a lot of great vacation photos on his hard drive, just waiting to be printed out and hung up.

Or maybe you were even on vacation and can simply give the vacation photos with you!

And quite apart from the fact that the photos come into their own, a chain of lights sweetens the time until the next vacation!

Gift them a travel trip in India in a serene place called Megamalai which is hidden amidst the western ghats of Tamilnadu, Know more about Megamalai tourism here.

World map to rub off

scratch map

A scratch map is a great gift for frequent travelers. You can hang the world map on the wall and scratch off any country that you have already visited. So the map becomes more and more colorful over time.

A great gift idea. We have often given the card away and it was always well received! It is also a very affordable gift for around 18 euros.

To the world map to rub off is one of the Best Travel Gifts for Her in 2020.

Enamel mugs with travel motifs

Enamel cup

Enamel cups are not only practical for on the go, but also a nice accessory at home.

In the online shop Draußgänger by our blogger colleague Sebastian Canaves there are many great enamel mugs with different travel motifs. In addition to general motifs, there are mugs from different countries, e.g. B. South Africa, New Zealand and Canada .

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to take a piece of their favorite travel destination home with them.

Cork globe with pins

Cork globe for marking travel destinations

A wonderful gift for all travelers.

The cork globe not only looks really cool, you can also use pins to mark where you’ve been in the world or maybe just where you want to go next.

The pins for marking are conveniently available!

An individual calendar

Calendar Pixum example

We make a calendar like this every Christmas for our parents and grandparents. So far we have always made them by hand, ie bought a blank calendar, had photos developed and then glued them in there.

However, since we were traveling around Asia for Christmas last year, a new solution had to be found: we simply put our calendar together online and it was printed and ready for Christmas by the recipient in the mailbox.

With 15 euros this is also a great additional gift and the recipient is not only happy about the gift once, but also benefits from it all year round.

Photo frame money box

Money gift: picture frame as a money box

Simply giving cash is kind of stupid. But to be honest, it’s often the best gift. So the recipient can really use it sensibly.

The solution is to pack it simply sensibly and nicely, such as. B. this picture frame, which is also a money box.

So you can not only pack your money gift nicely, but the recipient can continue to use the picture frame as a money box.

Unfortunately, traveling is not free, so it often makes sense to put a little money aside on a regular basis.

With such a pretty money box, that’s a lot more fun and the Best Travel Gifts for Her this 2020.

Best Travel Gifts for Her:

Gifts for travelers do not always have to be useful. But it’s not too bad if they are. That is why we start with useful travel utensils, which we almost always have with us when we travel. You can find more ideas on our packing list for Southeast Asia  and in our packing list for city trips .

GetYourGuide voucher

GetYourGuide voucher

If you are looking for a gift for someone who will soon be on your way again, you really can’t go wrong with a voucher on the go.

With our long-time partner and tour provider GetYourGuide you can buy a gift voucher for guided tours, tickets and all kinds of activities in over 110 countries.

The voucher is valid for three years and the recipient can also use it for multiple bookings.

Simply enter the desired amount, write a personal message for the recipient, print it, done. It couldn’t be easier!

Moleskine City Notebook


Would you like to give a gifts for travelling businessman who is going on a city trip soon? Moleskine offers the extremely useful city notebook series for many cities worldwide: New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Hong Kong and many more.

It is a kind of combination between a travel guide and a travel diary. The small notebook therefore contains city maps, street directories and information about means of transportation and opening times, as well as space for your own notes.

Included are also twelve stickers, detachable pages and a hinged, washable film that can be placed over the city map to draw your own notes. Practical for anyone who likes to plan their trips well!

Interactive travel diary

Travel diary

If you don’t put your personal impressions and feelings about a place on paper, they are quickly forgotten. To prevent this from happening, every traveler should buy a travel diary. At least those who like to write!

The Travelogue travel diary is available in three colors and with eight integrated scratch cards, where the recipient can rub off their visited travel countries. There are 64 lined pages that offer space for ideas and thoughts with the date and location.

Battery charger for on the go

Battery for on the go

We use our power bank almost every day and always carry it around with us at all times. If you want to gift someone who cannot live without a full smartphone battery, a power bank is the perfect gift idea.

We recommend the external charger Anker PowerCore. With 10,000 mAh you can charge the cell phone approx. 3-4 times.

But when flying, you should remember not to put the battery in your checked baggage, because that is prohibited. You can take the power bank with you in your hand luggage without any problems.

Silicone bottles

Refill tubes for the trip

Until recently, after every short trip, we threw away the small plastic bottles that can be bought in any drugstore because they broke.

During our last trip planning we discovered these silicone bottles and old Swede: they are awesome! Yes, they are only silicone bottles, but they not only make travel easier, they are also much more sustainable than throwing away plastic bottles all the time.

They even have plugs, so you can just stick them to the tiled wall. If you don’t know anyone who you can make happy with it, just give it to yourself. We would do it! Here are the darlings.

Kindle Paperwhite: an ebook reader

Give away a Kindle

We are actually both yesterday’s readers of paper books. But on the go, a Kindle is super handy.

In the meantime, we both decided on a Kindle and are really happy about it.

So if you know someone who likes to read and travel, you’ve already found the Best Travel Gifts for Her.

A great custom Kindle case

Kindle case travel

But also for those who already own a Kindle, there is a super nice gift for globetrotters: a great Kindle case.

When Jenny bought her Kindle, she fell in love with these great cases. There is a suitable individual cover for everyone.

Luggage scale

Luggage scale for travelers

This is a must-have, especially for people who fly with hand luggage! Unfortunately, most airlines are now very strict about being overweight, so it is really worth weighing your hand luggage beforehand.

It is not a particularly nice start to your holiday if you want to repack everything or even pay extra at check-in.

The digital luggage scale is a great additional gift, e.g. B. together with a well packed gift!


Pocket knife as a gift for travelers

A Leatherman is the perfect multifunctional tool for on the go to open bottles and cans, to cut sausage and cheese or to cut down a tree. We actually always have ours with us and it has served us very well.

Since we are traveling in Southeast Asia with hand luggage, we had to leave it at home with a heavy heart and have actually missed it very, very often. This way you can make travelers not only happy when traveling, but also for everyday situations.

Travel pillow

Travel pillow
Travel pillow

Jenny doesn’t travel anywhere without it. There is nothing better, especially for stomach and side sleepers, to lie down on your own cozy pillow after a hard day’s travel. Absolute must-have for all travelers.

The pillow hardly takes up space because you can roll it up (see picture), is suitable for washing machines and dryers and is therefore officially perfect for any travel destination.

A gift that will make everyone who travels a lot happy.

Knife-fork-spoon on the go

Travel cutlery

The spork, as the cutlery combination of knife, fork and spoon is called, is really a very cool invention and a great gift for travelers.

We use the Spork especially on train journeys! So you can pack a kiwi or spread for rolls.

Of course you could just pack plastic cutlery every time. Alternatively, you would rather do something for the environment and simply have a Titan Spork on hand that you can use again and again and, above all, always have with you.

Really practical and useful gift for environmentally conscious travelers! Thumbs up!

A take away hammock

Hammock gifts travelers

A great gift idea for travelers who travel to warm countries or travel a lot in nature in their free destination is a hammock to take away.

It weighs only 500 grams, can be packed super small and is very easy to hang up. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

A great gift that makes you even more looking forward to your next trip!

To the travel hammock and inflatable kayak fish finder 2020

An instant camera

Gift for photographer Instax

There are probably not many people who do not want an instant camera. Of course, it doesn’t replace the digital camera on the go, but it’s the perfect addition!

An instant camera is not only a lot of fun, but is also an absolute icebreaker in many countries. The Fuji Instax is definitely a great travel gift and we predict that the first film will be blanked out on Christmas Eve.

Headphones to switch off

Our new Sony headphones.
Our Sony headphones.

If you travel a lot, you have to switch off. Especially on the go there are often situations in which you cannot do this without aids, such as. B. at the airport, on a plane, on the train or maybe just by the pool.

We don’t go anywhere without our headphones. Because with them we can disappear into our own little world and just switch off.

Brand new in our luggage is the new wireless headphones from Sony (MDR 1000x),  with which we can simply switch off the ambient noise with one click. Awesome part!

You can also adjust the headphones so that you can e.g. B. missed no important announcement at the airport. Oh, we don’t want to give these things up anymore!

Our urbanears
Our urbanears.

If you don’t want to spend 400 euros for a gift, there are of course even cheaper options.

We also have Urbanears  with us , which you can fold up, just like the Sony headphones. At just under 50 euros, they are relatively cheap and also look chic.

A travel safe


You don’t have to be a security fanatic to want to protect your valuables from theft.

And yet, too few travelers are concerned about how to ensure that their valuables are securely packaged.

We have been traveling for years with the 12 liter Pacsafe, a wire-reinforced bag that can be tied to a fixed object with a steel cable and a combination lock.

Most thefts happen on occasion and we don’t offer these opportunities by stowing our laptops, passports, credit cards and also our cash in the Pacsafe.

A great gift for all travelers who don’t want to worry about their valuables.

If the recipient does not take laptops with them when traveling, the smaller 5 liter version is often sufficient.

Magnetic cable ties

Magnetic cable ties as a gift for travelers

There really isn’t much more annoying than knotted headphone cables that are so confused that it takes a lot of effort to get them apart. And that applies not only to headphone cables, but also to everyone else.

With a magnetic cable tie you can give many travelers an incredible pleasure! Because they not only look chic, but are also really really practical and versatile.

You can z. B. also great as a bookmark or just use as a normal magnet on the fridge.

Cable organizer

Cable organizer as a gift for travelers

For travelers who love order, a cable organizer is a great gift idea. Because you can not only tie individual cables together, as with the magnetic cable ties, but also have all cables sorted in one place.

Finding the right cables is more fun if you don’t pull them all out of your backpack at once.

This will make everyone happy who is order-loving and likes to have everything organized even when traveling.

A new stylish backpack

A backpack as a travel gift
Our backpack from pinqponq

You can actually always use a backpack. It is super practical to have a backpack that is suitable for everyday use, day or weekend trips and also for traveling.

We have chosen the Pinqponq Blok Large as our new favorite backpack. With 40 liters, he can also fly into the cabin.

The great thing is that it can be expanded thanks to the duffel bag style at the top and only then reaches its full size. This makes it not so bulky and you can also use it as an everyday backpack.

What’s even cooler is that the backpack is made from recycled PET bottles. Great right?

Anyone who likes to travel in style is happy about the backpack. The backpack is only available on the pinqponq website.

These are the mega collection of Best Travel Gifts for Her this 2020 and hope it was useful.

Farewell Gifts for Coworkers 2020

There’s hundreds of posts on how to say good bye to your coworking friends but this one article is a unique presents post with a collection of gifts that you can give for someone moving away from you.

Farewell Gifts for Coworkers 2020


Joseph Joseph set Kitchen cutting board
  • Another gift idea for the kitchen that will certainly be appreciated. It is a set consisting of 4 colored cutting boards.
  • Green for vegetables, blue for fish, red for meat and white for other foods.
  • By using different cutting boards for each type of food, these are prevented from being impregnated with unpleasant smells to pass from one food to another.

 Details on


Iron BBQ mold
  • If he is the king of the barbecue, this mold will serve him to mark his tasty meat works.
  • It has numerous dowels that allow you to compose any type of writing.
  • If this is not an original gift idea….

 Details on


Adjustable rolling pin
  • This rolling pin allows you to change the thickness of the dough.
  • It has removable rings, prevents hands from getting tired while kneading.
  • To enjoy excellent baked goods such as biscuits, pizzas, cakes, etc.

 Details on


magic wand salt and pepper
  • This set with salt holder and pepper holder gives the table a touch of magic.
  • The two pieces are shaped like a magic wand with a star on the top.
  • The white is for salt and the black, of course, for pepper.

 Details on


Farfalloni Potholders for the kitchen
  • These potholders are by no means ordinary. They have the shape of pasta farfalle.
  • They allow you to take hot pots and pans without getting burned.
  • They are made of silicone and are particularly heat resistant.

 Details on


bottle holder and dispenser
  • A dispenser bottle holder exactly like that of the bar.
  • It can hold up to 4 bottles.
  • It allows you to easily enjoy any type of alcohol and furnishes the kitchen with class.

 Details on


cork world map
  • Cork paper 60X90 to hang on the wall, suitable for those who love to travel.
  • Continents and states are colored black, but white and brown are also available.
  • It allows you to mark places already visited.

 Details on


Lunch box
  • Lunch box highly recommended for lunches outside the home.
  • The double compartment allows you to carry both first and second comfortably in the bag.
  • It is hermetic so as to keep liquids and temperature inside.

 Details on


cute twins
  • For a man who loves to dress elegantly, you can choose a pair of cufflinks
  • You can find them for all tastes, from chic to more fun.
  • Choose among the many models: with the initials of its name, with the soccer ball, the Italian flag etc.

 Details on


Soccer ball LED lamp
  • Again for boys, a decorative LED lamp in the shape of a ball with stickers that simulate the cracks in the wall around the ball.
  • It reassures children and is a particular piece of furniture even when turned off.
  • It is installed on the wall and is very light.

Source pic credit


Pac-Man doormat
  • Beautiful and original doormat that simulates a screen of the famous PacMan game.
  • It is made of polyester and does not lose fibers.
  • Suitable to give to a computer enthusiast.

 Details on


Folding Puff Bed for Dog
  • Synthetic leather pouf bed.
  • Suitable for cats and dogs and can be used as a stool.
  • The soft padding ensures pleasant comfort. It is durable and resistant

 Details on


Bizarre alarm clock on wheels
  • Is the person you’re looking for the gift someone who doesn’t really want to get out of bed?
  • With these alarms she will be forced to do it … and also running.
  • These alarm clocks, completely out of their mind, jump off the bedside table and run around the room emitting an acoustic signal until the ill-fated person gets off the bed and turns it off. An original and crazy gift idea.

 Details on


Wall-mounted plant pot
  • For those who love flowers, a wall flower holder can be the right gift.
  • It is applied to the wall, decorating and coloring them. It can be applied indoors or outdoors.
  • It gives a touch of freshness to the environment.

 Details on


pepper mill
  • For those who love spices or spicy this will be a very welcome gift idea.
  • You can find them in different designs, you know the traditional ones to the most delicious ones.
  • Just choose the model that you think is best for the person it is intended for.

 Details on


Telephoto cup
  • This mug has the shape of the lens of a real SLR.
  • It is equipped with a lid to keep drinks hot which can be used as a saucer for a cup or for biscuits!
  • For those who love photography it is a perfect gift idea.

 Details on


Basket basket
  • This original desk basket has the shape of a basket.
  • Particularly suitable for a student who perhaps loves this sport.
  • Between an equation and a chapter of history, it allows you to let off steam by pulling the paper balls inside.

 Details on


covered with sleeves
  • They are blankets that you can literally wear.
  • Warm, soft and elegant, they are ideal for the winter months.
  • They are available in beautiful colors and can be used to sit on the sofa or even to sleep.

 Details on


Molle Clock
  • Beautiful watch inspired by the work of Salvador Dalì.
  • It is perfectly balanced to be hung on any flat surface in a safe way, so as to recreate a perfect “soft” visual effect.
  • An original gift idea for those who love art.

 Details on


rocky bathrobe
  • Men like to appear strong and lending to their women.
  • And what example of masculinity better than Rocky Balboa?
  • He will probably use it only for taking a shower and not for the ring, but it will still be a really nice and original gift idea.

 Details on


Beauty Case football
  • This slightly ethnic-looking beauty case really looks like a large cocoa bean.
  • It is very large and has a sturdy zipper.
  • You could also give it to a man in a “football ball” version.

 Details on


Sausage grill
  • These grills are specifically designed for roasting sausages on the coals or on the barbecue.
  • They are very comfortable as they allow you to turn the sausages on the fire comfortably.
  • They are extremely practical and help save time and effort.

 Details on


Organize the particular desk
  • Original pencil holder in the shape of a music box.
  • It has all the space needed to hold pens, pencils, erasers and more.
  • Masking tape, instead of music tape, is included. It makes studying a little more fun.

 Details on


Nintendo Backpack
  • Fanciful white backpack in the shape of the mythical game boy, with screen and buttons.
  • It is very large and suitable for school.
  • The right gift idea for kids who love video games.

 Details on


Smokeless barbecue
  • This barbecue allows you to roast without creating smoke and has a diameter sufficient to hold enough meat for a lunch or dinner.
  • It works with charcoal or it can be electric.
  • You can also opt for table models.

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Ideas 2020

The golden wedding is an important milestone: a happy event that not everyone can celebrate. That’s why  traditional gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary  must be as special as the event itself.

Usually occasions like these are celebrated with the whole family in full: the 50 years of marriage are one of those events able to bring together all relatives, at least the closest. The ways to celebrate this anniversary are varied: a lunch, a dinner, the renewal of vows … Although it is not a real wedding but a party, there are many couples who at the end of the event give their guests a small candy. Sometimes even just simple sugared almonds: as always, what matters is the gesture. The favor is in fact given to thank all the people for having taken part again in an event so important for the couple. 

The guests in turn give gifts to the couple, to celebrate the union again. What is given as a traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts?
Usually it is customary to make gifts for the home, such as precious ornaments. This is because it is unlikely that a couple with 50 years of marriage behind them may need “useful” objects for the home such as a food processor. Some also make separate gifts for her and for him, but given the occasion, the idea of ​​making a unique gift for both of them is nice.  

As for the budget to be dedicated to a similar gift, the style of the couple and their spending possibilities must always be kept in mind, however, being an important occasion, the budget is usually over € 100. Given the desire to make a precious gift, many people prefer to join and take an important gift as a group. This is certainly a way forward and advisable where you cannot manage to give the gift you want on your own.

Here are some gift proposals. If you are interested in other details related to this type of event, we recommend that you browse the section dedicated to wedding anniversaries . 

Give 50 years of marriage: the classics

That is, the gifts engraved on a small 50, indicating the years spent together. A detail with a traditional flavour, but that not everyone is able to show off!
In our catalog there are frames:

Silver frame for the 50 years of marriage

Gift for the golden wedding: 
Traditional 50th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

Table clock;

Table clock as a gift for 50 years of marriage

Silver miro alarm clock, a “small” gift for 50 years of marriage

Jewel case. This gift is perhaps more suitable to give to her, a small box where to store jewelry and various costume jewelery.  

Jewelery box with engraving for 50 years of marriage

Jewelery box to give as a gift for a golden wedding

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: the sculptures

Another type of gift recommended for such an important anniversary are sculptures . Elegant, precious and finely worked, the sculptures are objects that enrich the home environment and elevate the spirit of the observer.  

Amantes, silver sculpture by Ottaviani

Amantes, a Latin word that indicates the two people who love each other both in spirit and in body. Ottaviani silver sculpture.

Sculpture by Carlo Moretti

“Binae” sculpture from the Minimax collection, by Carlo Moretti. Limited and numbered edition. Made in Murano glass

Lladrò's kiss

Porcelain sculpture, hand painted by Lladrò: “The kiss”, inspired by the famous work of Klimt

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: religious icons

Another type of highly appreciated gift are religious icons : sacred representations made on tables or paintings with precious silver details. In our catalog we have several specimens, here we have selected a few.  

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: religious icon

“Madonna with child” in chiseled silver 

Gifts for 50 years of holy family marriage

“Holy Family” in silver

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: candlesticks and candlesticks

Another decidedly rich gift is the candelabra or candlesticks . Majestic objects capable of giving prosperity to the festively decorated table. 

Silver candelabrum, with five flames.  English style

English-style candelabrum, with five flames. Made in silver.

One-column silver candlesticks, one flame

Silver column candlesticks, one flame. 

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: the centerpiece

The centerpiece is another of the classic gifts to make for a wedding anniversary. For a fiftieth anniversary the centerpiece must be different from the usual, finely worked, made with a material different from the usual or rich in precious details.  

50 years of wedding gifts: crystal centerpiece

“Intrigo” centerpiece in worked crystal with silver base

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: Dogale centerpiece

From the “Trama” collection by Dogale, in silvered glass

If you are looking for ideas for the silver wedding, we recommend the article dedicated to the 25th year of marriage, 25 years wedding gift

Gifts for 50 years of marriage

These are the collection of Gifts for traditional 50th wedding anniversary.

Alan Watt — Hear voices inside your head? It might just be voice-to-skull tech

Voice Skull

COMMENT: The voice to head by ELF Technology will be used to fake the Maitreya in due time. It has been used by CIA to control many of the mass shootings for example, “Columbine”, Ft Hood, etc. As strange as it sounds, this technology goes back to 1971 as the links on the verichip shows.

COMMENT: On a previous posting I identified how this maitreya will speak on TV without opening his mouth. Also, the technology is available to talk to people like speakers but by nanotechnology or ELF transmissions the transmissions bypass the ear canals and are “beamed” directly into the brain parts that control the ability to hear the transmissions. Reference the mass school shooting, FT Hood, Columbine, Virginia Tech; etc. The person is sort of a walking antenna using the Electromagnetic circuitry inside the bodies makeup. They can hear conversations, control or effect human emotions and even deliver an electrical shock ANYWHERE in the World to the specific person or persons. This technology I traced to 1971.

Verichip and The Microchip: and The full capacity of this technology

Maitreya, the World Teacher, steps forward

Comment: This Maitreya will be a fraud and will fool the nations. If he speaks without opening his mouth as Creme says, it will be technology and not supernatural or by Maitreya.

Witness Testimony!! WATCH JESUS the CHRIST vs Maitreya Antichrist!!!

The Great Invocation (Original ver) Seminar 2of2

The truth

source of the study and explanation of this Maitreya

The New Age Religion: brought to us by the Ascended Masters

The Maitreya Project

Psychotronic weapons
Remote viewing
Molecular crowd control

“Behaviour modification is a key component of peace enforcement”

(Steven Metz and James Kievit, The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War (US Army War College, 1994).

Many of the non-lethal weapons under consideration utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy (including lasers, microwave or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brain-wave frequency) for their effects. These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding, interference with mental processes, modification of behavior and emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various other ways.(Steve Aftergood,Softkill Fallacy, Bulletin of Atomic Scientist, September, 1994)

Synthetic telepathy is a term used to describe the beaming of words, thoughts, or ideas into a person’s mind by mechanical means, specifically, some type of electromagnetic transmitter, similar to a radio or television broadcast, operating in the microwave frequency band. In recent years thousands of people have come forward claiming to be victims of this frightening technology.


Psychotronic weapons

The Army’s JFK Special Warfare Center and School in late 1991 disclosed that it was looking to develop a PSYOPS Hologram System with a capability “to project persuasive messages and three dimensional pictures of cloud, smoke, rain droplets, buildings (even religious “images” or “figures”). The use of holograms as a persuasive message will have worldwide application”. (Defense Week, March 31, 1997)

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic Fields from monitors

US PATENT -6,506,148

Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal.

The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

In the 1980′s the neuromagnetometer was developed which functions as an antenna and could monitor the patterns emerging from the brain. The antenna, combined with the computer, could localize the points in the brain where the brain events occur. The whole product is called the magnetoencephalograph. (Carole Smith, On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, Journal of Psycho-Social Studies , Vol 2 (2) No 3 2003)

Acoustic levitation

A famed Swedish aircraft designer, Henry Kjellson, observed and recorded heavy stones, each about a 1.5-meter cube, being lifted to a position 400 meters above them by monks using musical instruments. The technique required thirteen drums and six trumpets, complemented by about 200 priests, all placed in a specific pattern. When the trumpets were blown at about two blasts per minute, the stones reportedly would rise and follow a prescribed trajectory to the top of the cliff (cf. Henry Kjellson, Forsvunden Teknik, Copenhagen, Nihil, 1974).

A team of scientists at Intersonics, Inc. of Northbrook,Illinois, has recently accomplished what may be the first prestidigitation, lifting a one-ounce steel ball using nothing but sound waves

Biochip money

MasterCard has invested millions in the development of an E-cash system called Mondex.

Smart Mondex cards have tiny embedded microchips that can store not only electronic dollars but also five other types of currency, an abbreviated medical history and even a personalized electronic “key” that can open everything from your apartment to your office. Technology and finance have become one and the same. As William Niskanen, chairman of the Washington-based CATO Institute, puts it, “The distinction between software and money is disappearing.” (Time Magazine)

RFID in Bank notes

The European Central Bank is working with technology partners on a hush-hush project to embed radio frequency identification tags into the very fibers of euro bank notes by 2005. Philips Semiconductors and Infineon Technologies, acknowledged their awareness of the ECB project. “The RFID allows money to carry its own history,” by recording information about where it has been, said Paul Saffo, director of Institute for the Future (Menlo Park, Calif.) (EE Times, 2001)