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Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020 : Do you know the problem too? You want to make dear people happy and not just give something?

For some you can think of something directly, but others are really difficult to give!

That is why we have written down our gift ideas for travelers for you here.

Gifts for travelers are not only usually very useful when traveling, but in case of doubt can also satisfy the wanderlust in your own four walls – at least until your next trip.

Someone from your family or friends like to take photos or are interested in photography?

As we discover new great travel gifts every year, we update the post regularly and supplement it with our new favorite Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020.

Best Travel Gifts for Her 2020 :

Of course, there are not only gifts that you can take with you when traveling, but also great things for at home that we can make people who love to travel or those who dream of traveling a lot of fun with.

Photo fairy lights for your vacation photos

Photo fairy lights

A super nice gift idea! Which globetrotter doesn’t have a lot of great vacation photos on his hard drive, just waiting to be printed out and hung up.

Or maybe you were even on vacation and can simply give the vacation photos with you!

And quite apart from the fact that the photos come into their own, a chain of lights sweetens the time until the next vacation!

Gift them a travel trip in India in a serene place called Megamalai which is hidden amidst the western ghats of Tamilnadu, Know more about Megamalai tourism here.

World map to rub off

scratch map

A scratch map is a great gift for frequent travelers. You can hang the world map on the wall and scratch off any country that you have already visited. So the map becomes more and more colorful over time.

A great gift idea. We have often given the card away and it was always well received! It is also a very affordable gift for around 18 euros.

To the world map to rub off is one of the Best Travel Gifts for Her in 2020.

Enamel mugs with travel motifs

Enamel cup

Enamel cups are not only practical for on the go, but also a nice accessory at home.

In the online shop Draußgänger by our blogger colleague Sebastian Canaves there are many great enamel mugs with different travel motifs. In addition to general motifs, there are mugs from different countries, e.g. B. South Africa, New Zealand and Canada .

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to take a piece of their favorite travel destination home with them.

Cork globe with pins

Cork globe for marking travel destinations

A wonderful gift for all travelers.

The cork globe not only looks really cool, you can also use pins to mark where you’ve been in the world or maybe just where you want to go next.

The pins for marking are conveniently available!

An individual calendar

Calendar Pixum example

We make a calendar like this every Christmas for our parents and grandparents. So far we have always made them by hand, ie bought a blank calendar, had photos developed and then glued them in there.

However, since we were traveling around Asia for Christmas last year, a new solution had to be found: we simply put our calendar together online and it was printed and ready for Christmas by the recipient in the mailbox.

With 15 euros this is also a great additional gift and the recipient is not only happy about the gift once, but also benefits from it all year round.

Photo frame money box

Money gift: picture frame as a money box

Simply giving cash is kind of stupid. But to be honest, it’s often the best gift. So the recipient can really use it sensibly.

The solution is to pack it simply sensibly and nicely, such as. B. this picture frame, which is also a money box.

So you can not only pack your money gift nicely, but the recipient can continue to use the picture frame as a money box.

Unfortunately, traveling is not free, so it often makes sense to put a little money aside on a regular basis.

With such a pretty money box, that’s a lot more fun and the Best Travel Gifts for Her this 2020.

Best Travel Gifts for Her:

Gifts for travelers do not always have to be useful. But it’s not too bad if they are. That is why we start with useful travel utensils, which we almost always have with us when we travel. You can find more ideas on our packing list for Southeast Asia  and in our packing list for city trips .

GetYourGuide voucher

GetYourGuide voucher

If you are looking for a gift for someone who will soon be on your way again, you really can’t go wrong with a voucher on the go.

With our long-time partner and tour provider GetYourGuide you can buy a gift voucher for guided tours, tickets and all kinds of activities in over 110 countries.

The voucher is valid for three years and the recipient can also use it for multiple bookings.

Simply enter the desired amount, write a personal message for the recipient, print it, done. It couldn’t be easier!

Moleskine City Notebook


Would you like to give a gifts for travelling businessman who is going on a city trip soon? Moleskine offers the extremely useful city notebook series for many cities worldwide: New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Hong Kong and many more.

It is a kind of combination between a travel guide and a travel diary. The small notebook therefore contains city maps, street directories and information about means of transportation and opening times, as well as space for your own notes.

Included are also twelve stickers, detachable pages and a hinged, washable film that can be placed over the city map to draw your own notes. Practical for anyone who likes to plan their trips well!

Interactive travel diary

Travel diary

If you don’t put your personal impressions and feelings about a place on paper, they are quickly forgotten. To prevent this from happening, every traveler should buy a travel diary. At least those who like to write!

The Travelogue travel diary is available in three colors and with eight integrated scratch cards, where the recipient can rub off their visited travel countries. There are 64 lined pages that offer space for ideas and thoughts with the date and location.

Battery charger for on the go

Battery for on the go

We use our power bank almost every day and always carry it around with us at all times. If you want to gift someone who cannot live without a full smartphone battery, a power bank is the perfect gift idea.

We recommend the external charger Anker PowerCore. With 10,000 mAh you can charge the cell phone approx. 3-4 times.

But when flying, you should remember not to put the battery in your checked baggage, because that is prohibited. You can take the power bank with you in your hand luggage without any problems.

Silicone bottles

Refill tubes for the trip

Until recently, after every short trip, we threw away the small plastic bottles that can be bought in any drugstore because they broke.

During our last trip planning we discovered these silicone bottles and old Swede: they are awesome! Yes, they are only silicone bottles, but they not only make travel easier, they are also much more sustainable than throwing away plastic bottles all the time.

They even have plugs, so you can just stick them to the tiled wall. If you don’t know anyone who you can make happy with it, just give it to yourself. We would do it! Here are the darlings.

Kindle Paperwhite: an ebook reader

Give away a Kindle

We are actually both yesterday’s readers of paper books. But on the go, a Kindle is super handy.

In the meantime, we both decided on a Kindle and are really happy about it.

So if you know someone who likes to read and travel, you’ve already found the Best Travel Gifts for Her.

A great custom Kindle case

Kindle case travel

But also for those who already own a Kindle, there is a super nice gift for globetrotters: a great Kindle case.

When Jenny bought her Kindle, she fell in love with these great cases. There is a suitable individual cover for everyone.

Luggage scale

Luggage scale for travelers

This is a must-have, especially for people who fly with hand luggage! Unfortunately, most airlines are now very strict about being overweight, so it is really worth weighing your hand luggage beforehand.

It is not a particularly nice start to your holiday if you want to repack everything or even pay extra at check-in.

The digital luggage scale is a great additional gift, e.g. B. together with a well packed gift!


Pocket knife as a gift for travelers

A Leatherman is the perfect multifunctional tool for on the go to open bottles and cans, to cut sausage and cheese or to cut down a tree. We actually always have ours with us and it has served us very well.

Since we are traveling in Southeast Asia with hand luggage, we had to leave it at home with a heavy heart and have actually missed it very, very often. This way you can make travelers not only happy when traveling, but also for everyday situations.

Travel pillow

Travel pillow
Travel pillow

Jenny doesn’t travel anywhere without it. There is nothing better, especially for stomach and side sleepers, to lie down on your own cozy pillow after a hard day’s travel. Absolute must-have for all travelers.

The pillow hardly takes up space because you can roll it up (see picture), is suitable for washing machines and dryers and is therefore officially perfect for any travel destination.

A gift that will make everyone who travels a lot happy.

Knife-fork-spoon on the go

Travel cutlery

The spork, as the cutlery combination of knife, fork and spoon is called, is really a very cool invention and a great gift for travelers.

We use the Spork especially on train journeys! So you can pack a kiwi or spread for rolls.

Of course you could just pack plastic cutlery every time. Alternatively, you would rather do something for the environment and simply have a Titan Spork on hand that you can use again and again and, above all, always have with you.

Really practical and useful gift for environmentally conscious travelers! Thumbs up!

A take away hammock

Hammock gifts travelers

A great gift idea for travelers who travel to warm countries or travel a lot in nature in their free destination is a hammock to take away.

It weighs only 500 grams, can be packed super small and is very easy to hang up. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

A great gift that makes you even more looking forward to your next trip!

To the travel hammock and inflatable kayak fish finder 2020

An instant camera

Gift for photographer Instax

There are probably not many people who do not want an instant camera. Of course, it doesn’t replace the digital camera on the go, but it’s the perfect addition!

An instant camera is not only a lot of fun, but is also an absolute icebreaker in many countries. The Fuji Instax is definitely a great travel gift and we predict that the first film will be blanked out on Christmas Eve.

Headphones to switch off

Our new Sony headphones.
Our Sony headphones.

If you travel a lot, you have to switch off. Especially on the go there are often situations in which you cannot do this without aids, such as. B. at the airport, on a plane, on the train or maybe just by the pool.

We don’t go anywhere without our headphones. Because with them we can disappear into our own little world and just switch off.

Brand new in our luggage is the new wireless headphones from Sony (MDR 1000x),  with which we can simply switch off the ambient noise with one click. Awesome part!

You can also adjust the headphones so that you can e.g. B. missed no important announcement at the airport. Oh, we don’t want to give these things up anymore!

Our urbanears
Our urbanears.

If you don’t want to spend 400 euros for a gift, there are of course even cheaper options.

We also have Urbanears  with us , which you can fold up, just like the Sony headphones. At just under 50 euros, they are relatively cheap and also look chic.

A travel safe


You don’t have to be a security fanatic to want to protect your valuables from theft.

And yet, too few travelers are concerned about how to ensure that their valuables are securely packaged.

We have been traveling for years with the 12 liter Pacsafe, a wire-reinforced bag that can be tied to a fixed object with a steel cable and a combination lock.

Most thefts happen on occasion and we don’t offer these opportunities by stowing our laptops, passports, credit cards and also our cash in the Pacsafe.

A great gift for all travelers who don’t want to worry about their valuables.

If the recipient does not take laptops with them when traveling, the smaller 5 liter version is often sufficient.

Magnetic cable ties

Magnetic cable ties as a gift for travelers

There really isn’t much more annoying than knotted headphone cables that are so confused that it takes a lot of effort to get them apart. And that applies not only to headphone cables, but also to everyone else.

With a magnetic cable tie you can give many travelers an incredible pleasure! Because they not only look chic, but are also really really practical and versatile.

You can z. B. also great as a bookmark or just use as a normal magnet on the fridge.

Cable organizer

Cable organizer as a gift for travelers

For travelers who love order, a cable organizer is a great gift idea. Because you can not only tie individual cables together, as with the magnetic cable ties, but also have all cables sorted in one place.

Finding the right cables is more fun if you don’t pull them all out of your backpack at once.

This will make everyone happy who is order-loving and likes to have everything organized even when traveling.

A new stylish backpack

A backpack as a travel gift
Our backpack from pinqponq

You can actually always use a backpack. It is super practical to have a backpack that is suitable for everyday use, day or weekend trips and also for traveling.

We have chosen the Pinqponq Blok Large as our new favorite backpack. With 40 liters, he can also fly into the cabin.

The great thing is that it can be expanded thanks to the duffel bag style at the top and only then reaches its full size. This makes it not so bulky and you can also use it as an everyday backpack.

What’s even cooler is that the backpack is made from recycled PET bottles. Great right?

Anyone who likes to travel in style is happy about the backpack. The backpack is only available on the pinqponq website.

These are the mega collection of Best Travel Gifts for Her this 2020 and hope it was useful.

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