Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick? DIY Wicks 2020

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You might be wondering like ‘Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick?’ and for this question we learn how to make DIY candle wicks. My tutorials are easily done using cotton, oil and few borax. I am not the most gifted chick with her hands at creation on wicks. I have two left hands, I don’t have an overflowing creativity, and above all I have no patience for using wire, tin and metal for candles. Yes, just that. However, I enjoy doing DIY candle wick with toothpick as a substitute.

How to Make toothpick for your Candle Wick:

So be reassured, what I am offering you is really within everyone’s reach and above all, easily achievable. Yes, assume that if I can do it, you can too.

For this first DIY of the year, I suggest you make your own candles. I am a big fan of candles, scented or not, of all shapes and colors.

I like having it on my table, in my room, around my bathtub. I always find an occasion to offer candles too, a birthday, a Mother’s Day. But it’s the perfect gift for yourself.

Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick?

Yes, you can use a toothpick as your candle wick.

  • Yesterday I lit a scented tealight candle. The candle wick burned up to 1mm above the wax, extinguished, and could not be burnt any further.
  • Throwing is out of the question. So I thought about how the candle could still be burnt. I took a wooden toothpick and placed it in the wax right next to the wick, then snapped off the toothpick so that I only left about 5mm of protrusion.
  • Measured the wick size & I then lit the toothpick after which it burned with the wick until all the wax was used up.

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How Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick

For this Do It Yourself, I did most of my shopping at Amazon , it’s a bit of a creative hobby. I had fun, and I might as well tell you that it will create a lot at home. So as with any start, purchasing the equipment can be a cost, but some things are endlessly reusable. And so, it’s worth doing things on your own.

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What you need for DIY candle wicks

  • Candle molds 
  • Wax 
  • Wicks 
  • Cotton
  • Oil
  • Borax
  • Toothpick
  • Wire
  • Tin
  • Crystals
  • Metal
  • pcs
  • Solid dye (if you want to color your candle)
  • A match (or toothpick)
  • A special bain-marie sachet (generally the wax sachet is suitable, but to be checked)
  • Decoration (ribbon, photo, it’s up to you)

Step by step :

  1. Pass the candle wick into the mold, hold everything together with joy wax. Up and down.
toothpick as a candle wick
  1. Melt the wax in a double boiler, add your color.
  2. Take the wax out of the heat, wait a few minutes. During this time, heat your mold using a hair dryer (to avoid thermal shock of your candle).
  3. Pour the wax into the mold
  4. Let cool for a few hours.
  5. Unmold your candle.
  6. Decorate it as you see fit.

Little tip: If you want to make a gradient, or change the color, wait ten minutes between each step of candlemaking.


Author note : This article was curated by theera ulaa who has spent most of his time is travelling around India.

Treat yourself: I love pineapple and cactus mussels . Or reuse old tins of teas or other to serve as a #zerodechets container 😉

how can you use toothpick as a candle wick
how can you use a toothpick as a candle wick

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