Candle Care Tips – how long should you burn a candle?

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Candle care tips: If you’re looking for the best tips to take care of your candles then here’s the right candle care template that will help you to care your candle to last longer.

Lighting a candle to create an atmosphere, perfume the house or simply illuminate a room is one of the simple pleasures in life. If, like me, you leave plenty of room for candles in your home, you know that we have more and more choices to stir up our passion, in all price ranges. 

While these sometimes expensive treasures are fleeting, one can extend their life by following a few basic principles. So here is a post where I explain how to take care of the candles that light up your lives. Also read DIY candle wicks 2021.

candle care tips



Do you know those little hollows and valleys that sometimes form in the wax of candles? They appear when a candle does not burn long enough. The golden rule: let your candle burn for one hour for every 2 cm of its diameter, with a maximum burn of 4 hours.

The goal is to make a complete and liquefied melting of the first centimeter of the wax.

Candle care tips #2. ELIMINATE SOOT BUILDUP

Get in the habit of wiping off the soot that sometimes forms on the glass walls of the candle. (I explain in the next point how to reduce it.)

Gently run a tissue on the walls. You can dampen it slightly, but do not use cleaning products, which could be flammable.

Finish your cleanup by removing any debris that may have settled on top of the wax.

Candle caring tip #3. KEEP THE WICK SHORT

The best way to reduce soot buildup on the walls of the candle is to maintain the wick.

Cut it with a bit cutter, which you will place at a 45 degree angle. Keep the drill bit about 3-5mm long.

Make a habit of cutting the wick of the candle while it is burning, if it begins to give off black smoke, or if the flame starts to jump. I am using this wick cutter which I bought from Amazon about a year ago. Mine is gold, but the new model is rose gold!


Many candles are sold with a metal or wood cover, a plastic sheet, or a small paper cap.

Beyond the decorative aspect, these lids protect the wax by preventing dust and pet hair from sticking to it. Keep them in place when your candles are not in use and replace them after each use, as soon as they have cooled.

tips for candle care #5. SWITCH THEM OFF CAREFULLY

You can blow gently on the candle flame to extinguish it, but the most art of living is to use a wax dipper, which allows the flame to be immersed in the wax to prevent it from smoking.

You can also use a wick bell to extinguish pillar type candles.

These two articles are found in the set that I mentioned above. Personally, I don’t bother to do this, but I find the ritual very pretty.

last candle caring tip #6. ACCEPT THAT EVERYTHING HAS AN END

It’s time to say goodbye to your candle when only 5mm of wax remains at the bottom of its container.

It is tempting to burn each candle to the last drop, but very hot wax in a thin glass candle holder or jar could damage the surface of the cabinet on which the candle rests.


  • Keep candles away from open windows, fans, and essential oil diffusers
  • Do not put candles in places where children or animals can reach them
  • Choose places away from heat sources to light your candles
  • Do not light a candle near places that contain flammable products
  • Don’t leave your burning candles unattended

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