Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Ideas 2020

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The golden wedding is an important milestone: a happy event that not everyone can celebrate. That’s why  traditional gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary  must be as special as the event itself.

Usually occasions like these are celebrated with the whole family in full: the 50 years of marriage are one of those events able to bring together all relatives, at least the closest. The ways to celebrate this anniversary are varied: a lunch, a dinner, the renewal of vows … Although it is not a real wedding but a party, there are many couples who at the end of the event give their guests a small candy. Sometimes even just simple sugared almonds: as always, what matters is the gesture. The favor is in fact given to thank all the people for having taken part again in an event so important for the couple. 

The guests in turn give gifts to the couple, to celebrate the union again. What is given as a traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts?
Usually it is customary to make gifts for the home, such as precious ornaments. This is because it is unlikely that a couple with 50 years of marriage behind them may need “useful” objects for the home such as a food processor. Some also make separate gifts for her and for him, but given the occasion, the idea of ​​making a unique gift for both of them is nice.  

As for the budget to be dedicated to a similar gift, the style of the couple and their spending possibilities must always be kept in mind, however, being an important occasion, the budget is usually over € 100. Given the desire to make a precious gift, many people prefer to join and take an important gift as a group. This is certainly a way forward and advisable where you cannot manage to give the gift you want on your own.

Here are some gift proposals. If you are interested in other details related to this type of event, we recommend that you browse the section dedicated to wedding anniversaries . 

Give 50 years of marriage: the classics

That is, the gifts engraved on a small 50, indicating the years spent together. A detail with a traditional flavour, but that not everyone is able to show off!
In our catalog there are frames:

Silver frame for the 50 years of marriage

Gift for the golden wedding: 
Traditional 50th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

Table clock;

Table clock as a gift for 50 years of marriage

Silver miro alarm clock, a “small” gift for 50 years of marriage

Jewel case. This gift is perhaps more suitable to give to her, a small box where to store jewelry and various costume jewelery.  

Jewelery box with engraving for 50 years of marriage

Jewelery box to give as a gift for a golden wedding

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: the sculptures

Another type of gift recommended for such an important anniversary are sculptures . Elegant, precious and finely worked, the sculptures are objects that enrich the home environment and elevate the spirit of the observer.  

Amantes, silver sculpture by Ottaviani

Amantes, a Latin word that indicates the two people who love each other both in spirit and in body. Ottaviani silver sculpture.

Sculpture by Carlo Moretti

“Binae” sculpture from the Minimax collection, by Carlo Moretti. Limited and numbered edition. Made in Murano glass

Lladrò's kiss

Porcelain sculpture, hand painted by Lladrò: “The kiss”, inspired by the famous work of Klimt

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: religious icons

Another type of highly appreciated gift are religious icons : sacred representations made on tables or paintings with precious silver details. In our catalog we have several specimens, here we have selected a few.  

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: religious icon

“Madonna with child” in chiseled silver 

Gifts for 50 years of holy family marriage

“Holy Family” in silver

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: candlesticks and candlesticks

Another decidedly rich gift is the candelabra or candlesticks . Majestic objects capable of giving prosperity to the festively decorated table. 

Silver candelabrum, with five flames.  English style

English-style candelabrum, with five flames. Made in silver.

One-column silver candlesticks, one flame

Silver column candlesticks, one flame. 

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: the centerpiece

The centerpiece is another of the classic gifts to make for a wedding anniversary. For a fiftieth anniversary the centerpiece must be different from the usual, finely worked, made with a material different from the usual or rich in precious details.  

50 years of wedding gifts: crystal centerpiece

“Intrigo” centerpiece in worked crystal with silver base

Gifts for 50 years of marriage: Dogale centerpiece

From the “Trama” collection by Dogale, in silvered glass

If you are looking for ideas for the silver wedding, we recommend the article dedicated to the 25th year of marriage, 25 years wedding gift

Gifts for 50 years of marriage

These are the collection of Gifts for traditional 50th wedding anniversary.

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