DIY Tea Light Candle Holders – Reusable

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DIY tealight candle holders : Do you know that feeling of well-being when we get home and see everything in order and with a smell of clean house? Candles are great options to leave your corner with that special aroma and, the best part, give a decorative touch that is just your face. In this post, we separate 3 models of DIY Tealight candle holders that are super easy to make at home, with few materials and super resistant. It’s time to let creativity take you and make unique pieces for your home. Check out what we are going to use for these works: Also read the best candle wick trimmer.

DIY tea light candle holders

DIY Tealight Candle Holders

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For glass candle holders:
• 1 glass jar used
• 1 bond sheet
• School Glue (preferably stick)
• Satin ribbon
• Spray paint
• Hot glue gun
• Glue Stick Hot

For Cinnamon candle holders:
• 12 sticks of cinnamon
• 1 round pot (glass, plastic, can)
• Sisal string
• Spray paint
• Hot Glue Gun
• Hot Glue Stick

For Rustic candle holders:
• 2 bicycle chains (new or used)
• 1 round pot (glass or tin)
• Spray paint
• Wurth Bonder Plus
• Hammer
• Nail

Glass DIY Candle Holders

For our first candle holder, get a glass jar you have at home that you no longer use. Complete the cleaning and leave it to dry in the open air for at least a day, this time guarantees that there will be no water residue that could harm the finish of our DIY.

In this model, we have some possibilities to work. It can be completely painted in a color of your choice or, as we’ll teach you, it can be used with different shapes and designs according to your decor. On the bond sheet, make a design that you like best, it can be a heart, star, flowers… After choosing your design, cut the sheet in the mold you designed, it will serve as the basis for our art in the glass pot.

With the sulfite cut into the chosen shape, use school glue to stick it on the inside of the glass, preferably in the middle of the pot. In this work we don’t need the paper to stick permanently, so we won’t use a stronger glue. Once the paper is stuck together, let’s start painting. Choose a Spray Paint of your choice, in our chart we have 19 available colors and, for this type of work, Spray Paint is the most recommended for having high coverage and resistance against the weather.

Did you choose your favorite color? Now it’s time to start painting, spray Paint Spray over the entire space inside the glass jar and wait for it to dry, the drying time is fast, which makes it easy to finish the job on the same day. Once dry, if necessary, apply another layer and wait a few more minutes to dry. Once this is done, just remove the paper that is glued inside the pot and the design will be ready!

To finish and make it unnoticeable that we use a glass container, use the Hot Glue Gun with the Hot Glue Stick and pass the satin ribbon on the edge of the pot, gluing it slowly, use the glue in small points so that the ribbon does not stay marked, this way you guarantee a perfect finish for your candle holder.

Cinnamon DIY Candle Holder

Our second candle holder, in addition to being super sophisticated, brings a differentiated and pleasant aroma to the environment. For this work take any round pot you have at home, it can be plastic, glass or tin, we will only use it to shape the candle holder. With the chosen pot, place the cinnamon sticks around forming a circle.

At this point, with the Hot Glue Gun and the Hot Glue Stick, go pasting the chopsticks as they fit the shape of the pot, just be careful so that the glue does not touch the pot and sticks with the cinnamon sticks, our intention is to use only cinnamon as a support in this work.

After gluing all the cinnamon sticks in the desired shape, wait for the glue to dry and remove the pot, leaving only the structure with space for the candle. To finish and give a cute touch, use the sisal string and make a bow on the candle holder. An option that makes this piece even more unique is to use a white or gold Spray Paint and give it a few sprinkles on the top of the candle holder, forming a color gradient.

Rustic DIY Candle Holder

Our last and easiest piece of all is the Rustic Candle Holder. For this job take two bicycle chains, they can be used or new, just remember to leave them very clean, without any grease or oil residue. To clean this chain, it is recommended to use a product with high cleaning power, to facilitate the work without causing effort, such as Universal Degreaser Eco-W.
With the chains clean, measure in the pot you are going to use. In this case, it needs to be made of glass or a can, as we will use it as a structure for the candle holder. After measuring, let’s separate the piece of chain that we are going to use, for that, use a hammer and a nail to slowly tap the link that joins one section to the other, it’s very simple.

Now glue the chain over the entire structure of the can or pot with Wurth Bonder Plus , until all spaces are covered. Remember that Wurth Bonder Plus is a glue with a high level of adhesion and quick drying, so it is important to handle it carefully and apply it in the correct places. Once this is done, just finish with the Spray Paint of your choice and leave your space with a more rustic touch.

Did you like the tips? It’s not over yet, for those of you who want to have a candle with your favorite scent, we’ll teach you how to make a handcrafted candle at home. Look how easy it is. What will we need:

• 2 boxes of white candles (the ones we use at home)
• 1 enamel pot
• Essence of your choice

Preparation mode

Melt the candles in the enameled pan until the paraffin is completely liquid, after melting, remove the wicks that will be floating over the liquid and set them aside. Put 10 drops of the chosen essence and mix well, at this time increase the heat so that the paraffin does not get cold. Once well mixed, just add the liquid to your candle holder of choice and place the wick, to hold, wrap the wick on a toothpick and place it in the middle of the paraffin, so it fixes better and does not fall, later, when the paraffin is a little harder, almost at the drying point, just remove the toothpick and let it finish drying.

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