How to Trim Candle Wick with Scissors and Nail Clippers?

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How to Trim Candle Wick with Scissors: If you’re looking to avoid candle wick trimmers and use nail clippers or scissors to trim candle wicks then here’s the method to shorten the candle wicks using scissors without damaging the wicks.

But if you prefer to have a perfect wick then it is advised to buy one of the best candle wick trimmers from the list and use them.

how to trim candle wick with scissors
how to trim candle wick with scissors

How to Trim Candle Wick with Scissors and Nail Clippers:

There is one accessory that every candle user should have and use is scissors.

Properly cutting the wick of your candle helps to ensure the quality and longevity of the product. Too long a wick can lead to too high a flame, uneven burning, the appearance of carbon build-up at the end of the wick, or black smoke. The longer the wick, the greater the flame, and the faster your candle burns. Also read DIY tealight candle holders

The scissors, an essential accessory to take care of your candles, are useful for an optimal burn, for a longer longevity and for a perfect diffusion of its perfume. Robust but lightweight, the bit cutting scissors offer a clean and precise cut, and thanks to its small plate, cut bit and other debris are collected. With its curved shape, you can cut the bit into any container easily.


Place the handle of the scissors inside the rim of the pot to guide you and bring the curved blades of the scissors towards the wick parallel to the wax, then cut the wick (so that it is about 5mm high) and then throw the cut part in the trash.

Other tips to Trim candle wick with scissors

+ Be sure to cut the wick with your scissors before lighting or after your candle has cooled to room temperature, only if necessary.
+ Never cut the wick of a burning candle.
+ If your candle, once lit, produces too large a flame or darkens the glass, the wick is too long. Extinguish the candle. Cut the wick between 3mm and 8mm from the surface of the wax if necessary, taking into account the size of your candle.
+ Be careful not to cut too short, otherwise the wick will have a hard time melting the entire surface of the candle. Make sure that it never exceeds 1 cm; the ideal length being about 5 mm.
+ For safety, remove pieces of matches, wicks, or any other element that has fallen into the candle pot.

With this candle accessory, a useful and elegant object, you will fully enjoy your favorite candle and its fragrance!

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